Where I can find information on South Australia court case, where a JW sued his KH and the WTS after breaking his leg in field service?

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  • Diogenesister
    Does this mean anyone doing Field Services are doing so with no backing from WTS?

    Absolutely. Watchtower has repeatedly stated that the ministry is purely an individuals own affair. In the recent case of a leaflet left on the gravestone of someone’s dead son, watchtower again maintained it was nothing to do with them and an individuals ministry is purely their own affair. They insist JWs pay for their own insurance or permits for some types of public witnessing, too.

    They point to Jesus’ great commission in Mathew 28 to all his followers to go forth, preach the good news and baptise etc. It’s a commission between Jesus and each individual Christian. But really it’s just an excuse to get watchtower out of any legal trouble.

    Thing is, like the goat owners, organizations and people have a reasonable duty of care to others. We all do. Which is why the CSA cases have been successful.

  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    OP Lukewarm made a statement

    the WTS defended the KH and itself with the statement that JW's are NOT required to go out in field service and that the ministry work is purely voluntary...
    Sharing in the field ministry has always been a personal expression of each Christian’s faith and desire to preach the good news of God’s Kingdom. (Matt. 28:19, 20

    The above statement if from the Document elders letter for May 13 For Britain N Ireland. This merely certifies that they do leave ministry as personal matter but only in these letters,, therby absoving themselves of any responsibility when they need to such as claims etc.

    Also worth noting in that letter is them telling publishers how to cultivate interst in 3 ways " A publisher could do so by (1) providing his contact information to the interested person and arranging a returnvisit, (2) directing the interested personto the address of the nearest congregation meetings, or (3) directing the person to jw.org. (if its a personal matter why not leave it up to them to decide how to go about it or not ! Indirectly still loading the heavy load but washing their hands off conveniently.

    n also in the postscript of the letter " In addition, since publishers do not collect personal data,territories with fewer homes may assist publishers to thoroughly search out “deserving ones”in the territory and cultivate interest—

    My 2cents


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