Children/Young Adults ages are 24 and 16 and now a pregnancy

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  • Scully

    If there was another 5 years on each of them, nobody would think twice about it, even if the genders were reversed.

    If the 24 year old female was in a supervisory situation over the 16 year old male - even if they were working in a fast food joint - there could be repercussions. If there was a mentorship or leadership role on the part of the female in activities where the teen male was a participant or learner, it could be viewed as sexual abuse. It all depends on whether there is a perceived power differential between them.

    Whether or not she keeps the baby and expects him to pay his $hare (hard to to when you're 16 with few marketable skills) of the child care expenses, is between the two of them, and depends on the amount of emotional and financial support they hope to get from their respective families. They could always put the baby up for adoption too.

  • bluecanary
    If there was another 5 years on each of them, nobody would think twice about it, even if the genders were reversed.

    And if they were each 5 years younger, you'd be screaming bloody murder. A few years makes a difference when you're a minor.

    This was the same age and gender dynamic between a couple that got married in my hall. It's not statutory rape if your parents sign off on it.

  • mrsjones5

    "Where did this happen?

    What the hell do you mean "Where did this happen?" I'm not sure, probably the back seat of a car, a friends, maybe in thier home when the parents weren't home."

    Good lord woman! I wasn't asking were the deed was done! I have no interest in where the fools were bumping uglies. I guess I should have been more clear and asked what state did the deed happen. I was only curious because of the age of the boy and whether it would be deemed a crime or not since he's 16.

  • betterdaze
  • lisavegas420

    Yes, this happened in the state of Ohio.

    As far as I can tell, I'm the only one that is distrubed by it. According to my daughter, the boys father and step-mother are excited about having a new baby in the family,....... their first grandchild.

    I just keep thinking about the boy, that hasn't even graduated from highschool.


    *bumpin' uglies...hahaha...that made me laugh out loud

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