pope blaims atheists for global warming

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  • John Doe
  • brinjen

    Now I've heard it all.

  • Lillith26

    No, it's the WTBTS causing it! just think how much carbon their bible factories emmit, and dont forget how many trees they have to cut down for their paper usage- bibles, notes, reports, tracts, mags, kh invites to the memorial, books, speach cards, diarys etc.... but at least they dont waste it on birthday and christmas cards!

  • Caedes

    Whilst the popes ridiculous comments show a remarkable lack of self analysis I'm don't agree with the article's argument that being a christian automatically means that one can't be environmentally conscious. I would have thought that pointing out the hypocracy of a man living in the lap of luxury claiming that atheists are only interested in material wealth would have been sufficient.

  • blondie

    The Pope blames atheists for global warming. Pope Benedict is claiming atheists are responsible for the destruction of the environment. The Pope made the claims in a recent speech given at the Vatican. The claim is a puzzling attack on atheism that frankly makes little sense.

    Excerpt from the Pope's speech:

    “Is it not true that inconsiderate use of creation begins where God is marginalized or also where his existence is denied? If the human creature's relationship with the Creator weakens, matter is reduced to egoistic possession, man becomes the ‘final authority,’ and the objective of existence is reduced to a feverish race to possess the most possible.”

    The irony is that any historical evaluation places the blame for global warming and the degradation of the planet firmly in the lap of Christians and the Catholic church. The Holy Bible, a book atheists firmly reject for good reason, claims that God gave man dominion over the earth. Christians, including Catholics, took these words to heart. They used those words as carte blanche, a justification for all manners of planetary abuse.

    Christianity, and Catholicism, are historically anti-environmental. In fact, if blame is to be placed for the current global environmental crisis, it is to be placed squarely upon the Judeo-Christian tradition. The fact that Christianity is anti-environmental is no secret. Indeed, many Christians have taken a perverse pride in claiming their dominion. For example, James Watt, who became U.S. Secretary of the Interior under Ronald Reagan in the early 1980s, wrote an influential and damning article entitled "Ours Is the Earth". Watt, speaking for countless Christians, made it abundantly clear that for believers the earth is "merely a temporary way station on the road to eternal life...The earth was put here by the Lord for His people to subdue and to use for profitable purposes on their way to the hereafter."

    For those of the Judeo-Christian tradition, the earth is, for all intents and purposes, disposable, nothing but a waiting room for eternity. As such the waiting room can be plundered in any fashion. After all, the earth is but a temporary and transient thing of no consequence when compared to the promise of eternity (pie in the sky, yum yum!).

    The fact that the Pope would bear false witness should surprise no one. Such is the stuff of most religions. The hypocrisy of the Pope is monstrous. He lives in opulent luxury, surrounded by obscene material wealth, while paying lip service to the poor unwashed masses. Children starve for lack of the most minimal of nutrition, while the Pope parades around in designer shoes. Words fail to describe the obscene perversity of this hypocritical buffoon.

    The Pope is not alone is his hypocrisy. It is a hallmark of the successful Christian leader to live in luxury while preaching charity. It is one of the great and ugly ironies of religious life. The Pope is just another religious con man, the pointy hat and funny dress symbolic of criminal decadence and moral corruption.

  • lisavegas420

    Wow, A Super Athiest with special powers.


  • jeanniebeanz

    The Pope is just another religious con man, the pointy hat and funny dress symbolic of criminal decadence and moral corruption.


    You've really gotten soft lately... I hate it when you sugar coat your opinions. Please say it like it is, next time!

  • blondie
  • jeanniebeanz

    My faith is restored. :)

  • Satanus

    The 'religion' that catholic christianity displaced wherever it went was, for the most part animism. Animism has a profound respect for all facets of nature, as it sees spirit in all animals, trees, etc. It's aronic that the same charge that the pope levels could be laied against his own church in its past.


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