We are switching halls...

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  • Robert7

    This is very good. We switched halls shortly before my fade. Not intentionally, but because we moved. The good thing was I never registered for the school, and we barely went to book study.

    Basically we set low expectations right away, so no one really bothered us for our poor performance. Just made the fade so much easier :)

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    "People who move halls to get away from their problems will find their problems following them, because the problem is them!"

    One of my parents favourite sayings.

    Sounds like a good idea cognac.

  • treadnh2o

    Go to a KH in Rhode Island.

    There is a bunch of "barely" Witnesses in that state.

  • SnakesInTheTower

    cognac...switching KHs is a good idea. being involved as little as possible (without completely dropping out of sight) is a balancing act.

    when I switched KHs to start my fade, I changed congos, circuits, and states. All while living right where I am still at now. I drove to this new KH about 15 miles away. Once the BOE in the new congo got the letter from my old congo BOE stating I had been deleted (rather than resigned for personal reasons as they originally had wanted) as an elder, the elders lost interest in me rather quickly. See, I was no good to them for 3 years..and then only as an MS for a brief time... they needed elders now....

    I was never assigned to a book study group, it was difficult to get Kingdumb Miseries, I never signed up for the Theocratic Misery School...basically, I was a white guy (one of less than a dozen whites) in a black congo...and it was a large congo (over 140 regular publishers)...so I got lost in the shuffle very quickly..... never attended book study....never went in service there..... turned in phantom time for 8 months....quit going to the Thur night meeting...then started either missing Sunday or leaving after the talk. Then the DC came (I didn't go), and then the KH went through a 6 week remodel (gut job)...I never attended the alternative location....came back for one last meeting when they returned...knowing that was my last meeting.

    Key to my fade was getting out of the social circle I was in. My fade will bust wide open this weekend.... my fiancee and her son begin moving in tomorrow. 2 years fade.... I accomplished what I needed.

    I wish you and hubby well in your fade

    Snakes (Rich, of the "no longer lurking in the shadows" Sheep Class)

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    This is a very good sign! Very easy to fade once you switch halls.

  • yknot
    That stinks cause my family are not the types to let go of things...

    Depends on how you keep them pacified......

    Try speaking sweet theocratic nothings when talking to them .....quote recent WT or KM points, muse about how the symposium at the CA,SPAD, DC was timely and encouraging.....blah blah blah ....but what they will hear is Cognac and Hubbyof Cognac pay attention to what the slave is saying and are taking full advantage of the abundant spiritual banquet provided!

    .... or at least that sometimes work for me when I am reported for missing a few of the WTstudies each month.....

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    LMFAO at Yknot! Good idea, too.

  • shamus100

    Why bother?

    Just stop going. Personal reasons. They can't harm you.

  • cognac

    Hey Sham! There you are!!!

    YKNOT - Don't even think I can do that. I've already said so much I don't even think they would believe me anyways...

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