Crazy, funny, scary or just wacky field service experiences

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    One time my little cousin and myself went to a door and the elderly man that answered the door was smiling ear to ear. He invited us in and called for his wife saying " Look who is here". We where standing in their living room with the two of them joyfully looking at us. I knew something wasn't right. Then one of them asked us something family related and I realized they thought we were their grandchildren. So, I said we are JWs and the expressions on their faces changed immediately and we were shown the door.

    On another occasion with the same cousin, we were at a house that had an enclosed porch. As I knocked on the door a big great dane starts barking and jumping up on the screen door. I tell my cousin let's go and we start walking away. We get about ten feet from the door and the dog breaks through the screen and comes after us. I tell my cousin to get behind me and I hold up my book bag between us and the dog and keep screaming at the dog. Luckily the owner heard me yelling and ran out and grabbed the dog. Then he starts yelling at us. That we should be more careful going on people's property.

    One more. A young brother and myself went up to a house and rang the bell. We stood there talking for awhile as no one came to the door. We rang the bell again and started to walk away when the door opened. It was a girl about our age and only her head was peeking out from behind the door. She was cute. I gave my speech and offered he the magazines asking for whatever amount they were going for then. She said that she wanted them, but would we wait, because she was naked and had to put something on. I said with a big grin that we would gladly wait. She closed the door and we waited. She returned shortly in a short bathrobe and a dollar and took the mags. I asked if I could come back and ask her opinion of the mags. She said yes and we left. Never found her home again.

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    When I was studying, in 1973, the hour requirement for pioneers was 100 a month. A young pioneer girl (18 or 19) worked part-time downtown and was desperate to start her time at noon when she got off from her job. She stopped at a corner, rolled down the window in her car, and yelled to a guy, "Hey-did you ever read the Watchtower or Awake magazines?" He said no, and she yelled, "Well read them sometime, they're good." This started her time.

    Another time, she was with a car full of young pioneers, all needing to start their time. They drove by the house of a return visit that they knew wasn't home. All turned their heads to "collectively" call at the home, thereby starting their time.

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