Crazy, funny, scary or just wacky field service experiences

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  • feenx

    Hey everyone :)

    It's been a while since I've posted anything. Been taking a break from anything JW related. ANYWAYS I am looking to enter a local writing contest here in Colorado and will be writing a fictional story, though based on some real experiences, about a young boy out in service. The infamous car group conversations, interesting things seen going door to door, the people encountered, things that we noticed and saw about other people's lives and wondered what it must be like, feeling silly and uncomfortable, fake knocking on the door, etc. etc.

    I thought this would be a perfect place to gather any stories that anyone wanted to share, as long as you don't mind me including them in the story. It will actually be a short film, about 10-15 minutes, according to the contest rules. If it wins it would go into production through an independent production company.

    So does anyone have some wild stories to share??


  • JWoods

    I was once at a door as a 15 year old kid where an older JW was going on and on about some message. I could plainly see a big grease fire light up on this ladies stove through the window. The JW guy didn't notice it even thought he was standing closer to the window than me - so intent on the "word"!

    I couldn't stand it and said - Maam, pardon me, but your KITCHEN IS ON FIRE!!!

  • palmtree67

    One Saturday morning, I called on a house where there had clearly been a huge party the night before. Beer bottles all over the lawn, people passed out in the yard.....

    A young guy answered the door, all bleary eyed and before I could say anything, he said, "Oh, you're so pretty. But you're one of THOSE."

    Then he closed the door.

  • JWoods
    A young guy answered the door, all bleary eyed and before I could say anything, he said, "Oh, you're so pretty. But you're one of THOSE."

    Remarkable presence of mind even when hung over - probably would have made a good Marine fighter jock.

  • bluecanary

    When I was ten I went to the door with a peer. A girl half my age answered the door. While I was speaking to her, a doberman bigger than I was kept trying to push past her. He finally got out and I had time to hear her say, "Be careful, he bites," before we hightailed it back to the car.

  • feenx

    *SIGH* ahhhh yes. This is brining back memories, such sweet memories. *gag*

    I also remember people talking about smokers and/or cat owners that they hated going inside their houses. It was like an abomination to the planet that people would have the nerve to own cats and smoke if a JW was going to be coming by.

    I never encountered a fire literally starting while at the door, THAT is definitely unique.

    And I gotta give kudos to palmtree67. If that had been me or one of my friends, we woulda just kept walking past the house, completely in denial that the house even existed, let alone actually go knock on the door.

  • dissed

    My Pioneer partner had to have had the quickest, fastest draw in the West for come-back insults to rude self righteous people at the door.

    Talking to an elderly Mormon couple trying to convince him that "they" had the truth. They admonished him to read the Book of Mormon and all would be explained to him.

    He implied that the writer of the book, Joe Smith, was heavily involved with spiritism and could not be trusted.

    You have to visualize this. This very old Mormon man, starting to have what I thought was a heart attack, gasping for breath, yelling at him, pointing, waving with his finger and saying, "You, you....YOU could be STRUCK for saying that!"

    Calmly, he stepped back off their porch and looked up, then glanced all over the sky, then said. "I've said that on many a cloudy day and it hasn't happened yet."

    My other Pioneer partner was working with me on return visits. Remember, we were are all young and single.

    I took him to one of my calls, Mrs Smith in an old part of town. For some reason, I overlooked telling him Mrs Smith was not 79 years old which he assumed she was.

    The truth was, she actually was a Greek Goddess and always wore revealing sundresses.

    As we walked to the door, I reviewed in my call book our last visit . "Got it" he said, "let's go save another soul".

    When she opened the door, in another sun dress, his jaw dropped, literally. He was staring at her, so much so that she was smiling nervously.

    I went through the motions, introduced him, (he never responded, just kept staring) finished the call, and went back to the car.

    He sat in the car not saying a word at first, just staring at his book bag between his legs, then saying firmly. "Don't EVER take me to see Mrs Smith AGAIN!!"

    He told me later, that he sinned at the door, while walking back to the car, in the car, and probably would sin "at least two or three more times that night"

    Weeks later he asked how Mrs Smith was coming along? I said "I thought it wise to turn her over to the sisters" He mumbled something not audible.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    When I was a teenager my girlfriend and I went to a door and the main door was open just the screen door to knock on . As I knock we notice a young man and woman "wrestling" on the couch. I just keep right on knocking , the poor guy finally got up in his underwear and slammed the door . I guess I marked that down as getting 'busy' .

    Later yrs we lived in a rural area with lots of farms . We have had pygmy goats and dogs get into the car when we opened the doors . Chased by geese , had to push the car out of snow drifts in my dress ! Several dogs over the years have gotten excited and rolled over to have their bellies rubbed while we stood at the door ,and then proceeded to pee all over us is amazing the ability to project urine they have when on their backs !

    One time I caught a baby piglet running in the road and took him back to the farmer with a tract .

  • JWoods

    One more - reminded by "cats". Very weird special pioneer guy had a "bible study" who was one might say nearly illiterate and doubtfully of an IQ that even approached 100.

    She had kids and cats crawling all over us while the "study" progresses. Pioneer is using his precious copy of the book "Two Babylons" by catholic church hater Alexander Hislop to "prove" that the conventional cross was not only wrong, but a babylonian antiquity.

    One of the cats leaped up and threw forth a gigantic hairball right in the center fold of "Two Babylons".

    Probably it was a witch familiar sometime in one of it's previous lives.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    I just remembered a scary story . My father in law hated the witnesses so much that one day when the sisters came to study with my Mother in law he came out to the porch with his shotgun and told them to leave and never come back or he would shoot them !

    unfortunately mil studied on and off for 11 yrs and finally divorced him and then got baptised .

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