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  • wobble

    Dear UFO 1,

    The question you may want answered follows on from Elder Numbnuts answer to you, i.e,

    "How do we identify the FDS of Matt 24v45 ?"

    they will say "They are teaching the truth......."

    You say, " The GB of the WT are teaching that they were chosen in 1919,which you said is not so,so they are not teaching the truth. Is that how I should understand it ?"



  • ufo1

    My whole idea is to have my family present if/when this happens. I will not argue with them but I will not swallow & follow whatever they say. I do want to have all my ducks in a row with documentation. Again I know this is not likely to happen and if it does I have no delusions about it changing anyones mind. However it could very well plant a seed.

    Please keep suggestion comming.

    Thanks much

  • OnTheWayOut
    My whole idea is to have my family present if/when this happens.

    The vast majority of elders won't allow for this. They might let a fader's spouse be there, some more liberal elders might let a DF'ed one's spouse be there. But that's rare. And a DF'ed one asking that anyone beyond his spouse be there, no way.

    There's no upside to that for them, so they would stand on how your son should not have spiritual association with you. And because you asked for the wife and son, they probably won't let the wife be there either.

    It's their game, their rules.

  • xcellxior

    I had a meeting with three elders when I used to serve as an MS. I had raised some doubts to a "friend" of mine who did what all good "friends" do and run to the first elder and dob me in. They would under no circumstance have the meeting in my house OR allow my wife to attend. She came with me anyway and sat down and was asked "What are you doing here?". I argued the fact that she had been present during their first "shepherding visit" (when I confessed that I had doubts) and as my wife she had every right to be present. They said unless she left they would not continue. So basically three elders versus me.

    While it didn't end in me being disfellowshipped I did after a couple of weeks decide to stand down and since then have stopped attending meetings or reporting field service. They did attempt to try and arrange another "shepherding" visit to encourage us. I have refused.

    They showed me no respect, they showed my wife no respect and they showed our marriage no respect. "What God has yoked together let no man put apart". Oh and they showed no respect for the scriptures either.


  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep
    It's their game, their rules.

    It's not a JC, its a shepharding call, so you might get away with it.

    I don't see any point in making fools of them if you don't have an audience. It might even backfire if the Elders decide to try and turn your wife and son against you.

    Also, you could make sure that your family knows what question you are going to ask. You wouldn't need to go into details as to why you were going to ask it, or your reasoning on it.



  • jeanniebeanz

    Although your intentions are honerable, meeting with them would be like arguing where to place the deck tables on the Titanic. I just don't see it working out the way you intend.

    Besides that, it makes your family think that the organization still controlls you. I can think of no more important lesson that a man's son can learn from his father than that a man should not allow others to invade his home and tell him what to believe and how to live. Do you want your son to think that it is okay for a man to allow people he has learned to be delusional power grabbers in disguise as a religious order into his own home? If you think they are dangerous, which he has probably already picked up on, eventually, he'll wonder why dad didn't take a stronger stand.

    One person's opinion...


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