Were You Treated Like Crap By The "Brothers" and "Sisters"?

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  • Girlie

    I was an anonymous face in the KH. I've discovered that unless you are of a strong family line in the faith or of the "elite" class or even good friends of the "elite" class, you are to the roam the halls a nobody.

    I remember an incident that happened to me at a Sunday meeting. This well-known PO gave a talk at my hall(he has an article in a 70's WT about his life). I was a bit late arriving there, but still managed to sit in my usual spot towards the front of the hall. I happened to have walked in during an illustration he was giving and upon seeing me, he included me in his illustration along with a few others he knew in the hall. No biggie. After the meeting was over, this sister approached me and said, "So, how did you come to know Bro. So and So?" No how am I doing or anything. Just found it "enlightening" that this famous PO knew me: a nobody. I just smiled and told her how I've come to know him. Talk about having personal interest in the other?

  • WTWizard

    All they wanted was to exploit me, and my forced celibacy (so they could put me into the Value Destroyer Training School). That damn Value Destroyer Training School is all that mattered to them--not my personal needs, not whether I wanted to go there or not, not whether I wanted to be made an asset instead of a stench to the opposite sex (and Jehovah is guilty of setting me up on that one--I doubt highly that I would have even become a Jehovah's Pedophile Protecting Witless had Jehovah allowed me to simply meet the opposite sex). All the witlesses wanted was to exploit that.

    And, something tells me that they are still hoping to use me for the Value Destroyer Training School, a billion assignments, and to bring them up to Critical Mass. If they can't trick me into it, they will force me into it. And, once I succeed in setting them up to plunge the whole world into the Second Dark Ages, I will no longer be of any account, either to the witlesses or that Almighty Lowlife Scumbag that they claim to worship.

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