Hey, maybe this is why JW's are worn out and miserable- Chronic Fatigue

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  • daniel-p

    I had all the symptoms of CFS when I went off of my hypothyroid meds. Now that I'm back on, I'm fine. Thyroid is one of those things that doctors can miss, (or not treat properly) that can cause people problems.

    And its also something that cannot be identified without a specific blood test (TSH). Meaning that all the alternative quackery practitioners will never find it. They'll do muscle testing instead. Might as well consult the Urim and Thummim.

  • Deceived

    My Mom and Dad moved to where the need was great in 1958 and became regular pioneers. From that time on my Mom was always having nervous breakdowns and mental health problems and probably CFS as she spent days in bed. I was a child and had to do all the house cleaning and cooking in the 1960's. They became special pioneers after I grew up and left home and got disfellowshipped. She still suffered horribly poor woman but she never ever blamed it on the religion.


  • BluesBrother

    The major Awake article goes back to 1992...I have had family members with it . I am not going to say that it is a "hypochondriac's disease" because I have seen how debilitating it was .

    Is it from the body or the mind? Is it a convenient tag that the medics use when really they do not know what is wrong with you?

    I am not qualified to say, I just sympathised with those who felt rotten all day and nobody could tell them why..

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