Are JW's the only ones imprisoned for their beliefs?

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    Ninja you have a pm

  • Dagney

    Check out Amnesty International, they used to have statistics I think.

  • homeschool

    Its Shezam to you, mister

  • homeschool

    So how would I bring up the topic after the discussion's already taken place? I didn't know very much about it when it was brought up in conversation, so I just listened a lot

  • bluecanary

    "I kept thinking about the conversation we had the other day. It was so interesting, I decided to do a little research. Did you know . . . "

  • homeschool

    hehe, yep, Blue...thats a great start. I get nervous because I don't want to seem over-ambitious on the matter, ya know? I guess it'll just have to take some control on my part.

  • SixofNine

    "ooh, I love those horizontal stripes Sis. They make me think of the Mandaean Baptist of Iraq, persecuted and jailed for their faith, a faith Sis, that is fascinating in it's history and somewhat mysterious in it's origin, though we know that it is very, very ancient..."

    And your off ;)

    bonus points for making your sister curse, as in "wtf do you keep calling me 'sis'?"

    *technically, the mandeans may not be being jailed in Iraq right now. minor point. They are persecuted. how weird is it to find a religion, a people who connect themselves to John the Baptist but aren't Christian? I never got a good answer when I would ask, "so, how and why exactly did that baptizing thing start with Christians? what does it have to do with Judaism or Christ?"

  • homeschool

    LoL,'re a funny fella.

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