Went to District Convention this weekend with no Badge brother talks in 3rd person to Witnesses "Who's this guy? A study? WTF

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  • sweetface2233

    I am wondering why for the past two years you have continually criticized JWs, calling them hypocrites and accusing them of draining the world's blood supply, yet you still attend the district conventions. Hypocrites come in all forms. Keep calling that kettle black.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    I just wear the same badge every year.

  • WTWizard

    I would like to see Jesus' embarrassment badge. When I see proof that Jesus had his embarrassment badge on whenever he held an assembly, I will believe that it is appropriate to wear them at the Grand Boasting Sessions. And Jesus was not just present, he was the one running them.

  • kurtbethel

    WWKD - What Would Kurt Do?

    <to friend, in my best sheepish confused voice>

    "You told me that Jovah's people were known for being loving. You never told me that any of them are assholes!"

  • AllTimeJeff

    LOL @ Blacksheep and kurtbethel!


    In poorer countrys Jehovah`s Witness`s cant afford the WBT$ Name Badge..

    So as you walk in the door..

    The attendant sniffs your butt..If you smell like a JW they let you in..

    If you don`t smell like a JW you still get let in..


    The attendant growls at you..


  • steve2

    Disclose to him you're deeply into nipple-pain. While you'd like to obediently wear your lapel badge, you genuinely fear that you will not be able to resist the urge to stick the pin right through your nipple. The ensuing delicious pain will bring out the sexual monster in you and the conventioners will be exposed to your deviant urges. Half will head for the hills and the other half will....Um..on second thoughts just wear the damn badge.

  • willyloman

    leper: same thing happened to me, except I had a suit on. Was traveling in No. Calif. on business, at a conference. On Sunday a.m., got up, looked up local KH in phone book, called about meeting time and directions, put on suit, went. It was spur of moment, did not have bible/WT/songbook.

    After meeting, was almost totally ignored. After a few minutes, I intro'd myself to someone who wasn't the least bit interested in talking to me. Like you, I was an elder at the time (WT conductor back home). I remember thinking what you did: What would an interested person off the street think?

    The hall was almost completely empty within minutes, by the way, so I just assumed there was some "problem" there and went back to the conference, went home the next day, and forgot all about it. I can't say that was typical, however; I went to lots of KHs not my own, and the experience ranged from a little better than that to a lot better.

  • undercover

    Try going to the convention without a badge and with a beard... That's what I did at the last convention I went to. That was interesting.

    Because of my hatred of those badges, even today I won't wear one in other situations.

    I have to attend conferences from time to time where people from other divisions attend and we're all given badges with our name and division. I refuse to wear it. My wife's company has parties and award ceremonies and we're all given name badges. I stick mine in my pocket. I just hate em...with a passion.

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