Went to District Convention this weekend with no Badge brother talks in 3rd person to Witnesses "Who's this guy? A study? WTF

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  • lepermessiah

    Man, this reminds me of a personal experience. Not totally the same, but along the same lines.

    I was traveling for business and all I had was business casual clothing with me on the trip. The trip was absolute, pure hell. I was treated like garbage at the satellite office I was at, I was working 12-14 hour days, and was under tremendous stress. It was about 7:00 PM one evening, and I had a particularly bad day. I thought "boy, I wonder if there is a KH nearby - it would be nice to see some of the "FRIENDS" LOL!!!

    I looked up the hall, and sure enough, it was like 5 minutes from where I was working. So, I run over there, and arrive late at the meeting in my khakis and golf shirt. No one gave me the time of day when I walked in, so I finally seated myself. The meeting was pretty funny as I had no literature and I was bored out of my mind. Someone finally half-heartedly gave me a song book to use.

    The best was after the meeting - I felt like I had leprosy. Literally, ONE couple who was about my age came up to me and spoke to me. Before they came up I stood there like a [email protected]$$ waiting to be approached. They were actually very nice and I enjoyed chatting with them. The rest of the congregation gave me smug looks, etc.....Gee, I wonder what an "interested" person off the streets would have thought.

    The best part was when I was speaking to the young couple, they asked if I was visiting for the first time at the KH.

    I said No, I am an ELDER, was conducting the TMS, Service Overseer at home, etc.......I was just having a lousy day and thought it would be nice to see some friendly faces. I should have stayed at the satellite office, at least I could have watched TV while working and being treated like dirt!!! LOL!!

  • sspo

    No badge = apostate

    They are on the watch!

  • Farkel

    "We're the Federales. You know. The Mexican Police."

    "If you're the police then show me your badges."

    "Badges? I don't got no badges. I don't got to show you no stinkin' badges!"

    (Alfonso Bedoya and Humphrey Bogart, "Treasure of the Sierra Madre", 1948.)

    Try the bolded part next time that happens!


  • purplesofa

    Yeah, I think they are leary of people without badges as conventions are getting hit by apostates and distribution of apostate material.

    With a badge they can identify you as their own.

  • Girlie

    Not surprised at all that this is the reception you got. Very sad indeed........

  • AuntBee

    Why do they spend so much time distributing those brochure thingies, inviting worldly people to the convention? What if a lot of them came, and got a reception like that. wow. I thought they had a policy of love bombing outsiders, to show them how fun it is to be JW?

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    sspo and purps,
    But what if 007 explained that his badge had been stolen by apostates?!?!?

  • startingovernow

    I am curious as to why you wouldn't be wearing a badge...and yet yes, even if you were visiting it only makes sense that the "brother" would talk to you directly, not to someone else as if you couldn't talk for yourself/

  • Athanasius

    You might try visiting the KH with an American flag pin in your lapel. In 2003 I visited a KH during the Memorial. I dressed conservatively, suit and tie, but I also wore an American Flag lapel pin. The JWs were very friendly, finding me a seat, loaning me a songbook, even telling me of their free home bible study program. They treated me like royalty. I've done this at other KHs with the same result. You would be surprised at the JW reaction to "Old Glory."

    Outside the USA you should use the flag pin of the country where the KH is located.

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    @lm - welcome to the board! The same thing happened to me on a business trip. Only I forgot my jacket but had my books. One of the elders in the hall approach me and I told him I was an elder visiting from another state. He told me the hall wasn't friendly (he had just moved there) and spoke with me both before and after. The rest ignored me. And I even commented several times!! I was really shocked. What if I had been an interested person. Man, they didn't even do "lovebombing" correctly.

    One time I was on vacation and went to the memorial at another hall. I was completely ignored except for another visiting JW. I was a young MS at the time but still was thinking that this congo was seriously jacked up. Now I know they all are!!

    007 - the whole badge thing is insane. I never wore a badge unless I was an attendant or working in some function that required one. Now, I make it a point of never even bothering filling one out. I would say that at least 33% of the folks don't have one. That guy was an a-hole

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