How many people in prison are JW's?

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  • blondie

    baptized, jws in good standing?


    raised a jw but never baptized or involved since

    married to a jw or a person raised a jw but never baptized........

    baptized as a jw after studying while in prison and still there....

    studied with jws while in prison but never baptized

    df'd or da'd jw in prison

    and son on

  • Open mind
    Open mind


    "Once a JW is convincted, that JW is Dfd so while they are in prison they are not considered JWs."

    You lost me here Farkel. DFing has never been primarly about guilt. It's always been on whether you can convince the 3 men in suits that you're repentant. If they buy it, you're not DFed and you're still a witness. Even if you're Charles Manson.

    On a side note:

    When I first saw this thread I thought the title was:

    Q: How many JWs are in prison?

    A: All of them.


  • blondie
    Possible Recent Statistics For a Fraction of U.S. Prisoners

    David Rice has written to us (23 October 2002) concerning the origin of the data in the table below:

    The data came from Denise Golumbaski, who was a Research Analyst for the Federal Bureau of Prisons. The data was compiled from up-to-the-day figures on March 5th, 1997. (Note that as of the year 1999, Analyst Golumbaski is no longer working for the Federal Bureau of Prisons; I had telephoned Analyst Golumbaski to request the latest figures, and was told by another analyst that Golumbaski was no longer employed there.) The data was requested by Mr. Rod Swift, who passed it on to me for my web site. I later called the Federal Bureau of Prisons and confirmed that the data did in fact come from their database.

    Catholic 29,267 31.432% Protestant 26,162 28.097% None/Atheist/Unknown 18,537 19.908% Muslim 5,435 5.837% American Indian 2,408 2.586% Nation of Islam 1,734 1.862% Rastafarian 1,485 1.595% Jewish 1,325 1.423% Church of Christ 1,303 1.399% Pentecostal 1,093 1.174% Moorish 1,066 1.145% Buddhist 882 0.947% Jehovah's Witnesses 665 0.714% Adventist 621 0.667% Eastern Orthodox 375 0.403% Latter-day Saints 298 0.320% Scientology 190 0.204% Hindu 119 0.128% Santeria 117 0.126% Sikh 14 0.015% Baha'i 9 0.010% ISKCON 7 0.008% -------------------- ------ -------- Total 93,112 100.000% 

    This table, presented in the original format as sent by Rice and as found in the Rod Swift article, is below.

    I do believe that when Daniel Fitzwater was sentenced to his years in a Nevada prison for child molestation, that he was never df'd from the congregation and I last knew that he was out of prison and living in Minnesota not listed as an offender.

  • Perry

    Recidivsm amon religious inmates tends to be higher than among non-religious inmates


    The studies I've looked at indicate no difference or slightly opposite from what you claim here. Do you have a statistical source for this claim?

  • steve2
    The studies I've looked at indicate no difference or slightly opposite from what you claim here. Do you have a statistical source for this claim?

    I am always careful to advance my contribution to this sort of discussion as based on my own tions. I try not to use the language of "scientific survey". Having said that, New Zealand research on rates of recidivism among convicted pedophiles shows that those who complete prison-based relapse prevention programs are significantly less likely to reoffend than convicted pedophiles who decline to participate in prison-based relapse prevention programs. I do not have the research citation on hand but it has been replicated across different time spans and other countries (e.g., Australia and Canada).

    Over a number of years I noticed that one of the biggest barriers to inmates participating in relapse prevention programs was religious conviction. It ceased suprisping me when I assessed inmates who professed a Christian religious faith and the declined to participate, often stating that "God" or "the Lord" have cleansed them and they did not need to participate. There were a handful of scandalous cases in which well known religious identities who were imprisoned for sex offences against prison and who subsequently refused to do prison-based programs and who subsequently reoffended after they were released. I sometimes despaired that it was their alleged "faith" that prevented them from facing up to the enormity of their offending and taking the personal responsibility to actively develop relpase prevention skills. In that regard, Mormons, Catholics, Methodists, Pentecostals and JWs - and yes, more latterly even Moslems, were no different in their negative response to doing relapse prevention programs.

  • Rabbit

    Here's an infamous one who just converted to JWism:

    Wouldn't want THAT guy at my door. I wonder if the Elders are proud to have 'saved' this guy, so he can live with them forever in Paradise?

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