where do you draw the line ?

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  • lancelink

    Last night I was talking to my son (24 years old) and he was telling me about his life growing up as a JW,

    Very frustrating for him, he couldn't have friends from school over, no joining clubs, sports, etc - etc.

    But a very interesting point was made, and I never thought about it and it has been rolling around all day. as Morphius said

    "Like a splinter in your mind" type of thought.

    He said that soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world today, and do YOU know how it got started ?

    A culture of people (I forgot who he said they were) would kick the heads of people killed or sacrificed around a field.

    As a JW I played this game quite often with no repercussions from anyone.

    Yet why is it that JW's will have nothing to do with Christmas, or any other holidays, yet soccer is OK ?

    It may sound somewhat strange, but I thought he made a good point. Playing a game that got its start from when people were murdered

    is alright. Yet a holiday (Christmas) is taboo from any angle for the jw's.

    Where is the line for good / bad drawn, and who draws it ?

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Last week's Watchtower Study has the answer.

    The Effin D Slave.

    (The F&D Slave)

    Good points though. The JW house of cards is even wobblier and full of more inconsistencies than most religions.



    The very first soccer game..

    Was when John the Baptsist got his Head Cut Off,at somebodys Birthday Party..

    They cut off his head,stuffed it a bag..Put up Goal Posts and Started Playing Soccer!..

    Jesus was there..He was Nailed to one of the Goal Posts..

    .....It`s in the Bible!....




    Mosquito`s I think you mean "Gnats"..

    Your a doctor..

    Have`nt you ever operated on a Gnat before?

    Jehovah`s Witness Gnats won`t take blood..


  • jookbeard

    I thought it had it's origin when a pig's bladder was inflated to the size of a soccer ball, kicking a human skull around for any length of time would cause extreme metatarsal fractures and breakages

  • littlebird

    Well, you could follow the WT's advice:

    Awake! of January 8, 2000. In the article entitled, “A Balanced View of Popular Customs,” they noted on pages 26-27, “Customs have been profoundly influenced by religion. Many, in fact, arose from old superstitions and non-Biblical religious ideas… But what about customs that may once have been linked to questionable practices …Does this mean that Christians are forbidden to observe such customs? …Although there may be reason to examine the origin of a particular custom, in some cases it is more important to consider what the custom means to people at the time and in the place where one now lives.”

    Not, that they would consider practicing this themselves, but thats the line I would draw.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Every last friggin' thing has 'pagan' origins.

    Basically, monotheists viewed paganism as worshipping multiple gods, anything coming from such pagans would be pagan.
    JW's are a bit tighter and view paganism as coming from false religion, and they consider all religion as false (except their own), therefore everything that is not coming from a dozen men in Brooklyn is pagan.

    JW's overlook the wedding ring and the use of animals in wallpaper, clothing, etc, BUT they scream at clinking wine glasses.

    Nobody playing soccer is associating their current game with kicking a head around. (Well, almost nobody- some people have mental problems.)
    Nobody making a toast at a wedding ceremony is trying to ward off evil demons.

  • Butterflyleia85

    Wow that is a good one! ha I have to say that would go along with not celebrating b-days after OUTLAWS comment.

    But another thing to think about I saw on news that research has found on tanning to be just as bad as smoking! So now are JW going to have to stop tanning too? lol I guess it is all a conscience matter... I would like to write the society on all of this!!! I wonder if they consider looking at this message boards to get a good Idea for their next KM articles. :) (sigh... "please no more restictions please" *to the society)

  • littlebird

    Oh darn, I was going to tan tonight!

  • PSacramento

    BDay issues in the WT have ZERO to do with the bible or zero to do with what happend in 2 isolated case sin the bible, their policy has evetything to do with control and getting ANY focus off the individual and back on to the group, it has to do with making JW's different than the masses, it has zero to do with pagan rituals and everything to do with "THEY do this, WE don't".

    Its about control, if you can make someone NOT celebrate the day their child was born, you can make them virtually do anything.

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