Percentage of Bethelites that turn "apostate"?

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  • dissed

    This ten comment rule is like getting three wishes from a Genie and I just blew my first one on a silly rant. Rats!

    Speaking from experience on this one.

    Subject: Bethel Apostates. (Important dates in Jehovah Witness history according to me)

    1. I was at Bethel in the mid-seventies

    2. Left Bethel in the mid-seventies (2 years)

    3. I was in the full-time service off-and-on, with my wife for 20 years.

    4. Quit coming to the meetings in 1995 after we adopted our daughter from a Witness girl in Prison, and why? Let's see, can you guess?

    As one young, "Anointed Elder" (who I usually refer to as the "Chosen One") told us, and later the sentiment absurdly confirmed by our CO, "How could you adopt a child, when the end was so close, and a Bastard child at that?!"

    After a firm reply from me to the CO that he was way out-of-line with that judgement. He became VERY Red-Faced, angry and started yelling at me. Followed promptly by taking away my priviledges at the District, Circuit, Regional levels as well as any responsibilities in the Congregation. And if that wasn't enough, a private rebuke of "we should just leave this org. and do everyone a favor". Can't you just feel the love of this humble CO servant of God?

    5. Thought we might have been Apostates in 2001. Wasn't sure?? We visited dying worldy Father on Xmas Day to say our goodbyes. Worldy family gave us hugs-and-kisses for coming. Witness side? Scorn and rebuke. "How could you have done such an evil thing? Don't you realize how bad that makes us look?!"

    6. 2009 (A) - Realized we were the worst kind of Apostates 3 days ago after reading this site for the first time We have committed the "Un-forgivable Sin" ...... by no longer holding the GB dear to our hearts. Have they really become that insecure with their needed "loyalty tests"?!

    7. 2009 (B) We owe our friends Ray and Cynthia Franz one heck of an apology. They were right, and we were wrong.

    So you can add one more former Bethelite to the "Book of the Apostates" list.

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  • Hopscotch

    dissed that was anything but a silly rant. Glad you're here.


  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Welcome dissed!

    After seeing behind the curtain in Bethel, I was "teetering". When confronted by an arrogant a--hole CO shortly after leaving, well, now I'm here.

    I'm still "in" in the congregation, but my drift is well away from dubland.

    WAC, I'm not sure about the number that go apostate after, but I was surprised how many get dfd, or go inactive. That is, I was surprised until I got sick of the whole thing.

    B the X

  • leavingwt

    Welcome, Dissed!

  • dissed

    Hey guys, glad to be considered welcomed and worthy of posting with you.

    Billy the ex -

    That was the same sentiment in my time there for many. Few became apostates, but many felt they were discouraged and falling out of the truth while serving at the "House of God".

    My best friend and former Pioneer partner, when leaving Bethel was so discouraged that he hardly ever went to meetings. He rufused to tell me why and what happened to him.

    With today's "new light" of "What is loyalty to the GB?", he probably would have been considered an apostate back then.

  • BluesBrother

    Of course I have no figures as to the numbers of Bethel inmates that leave...but anecdotally , a fair number seem to turn up on here and other net sites..I believe that the number is higher than would be expected by the faithful.

    They have seen it from the inside , warts and all. They are bright people . What more reason do we need?

  • undercover

    Welcome dissed...

    My best friend and former Pioneer partner, when leaving Bethel was so discouraged that he hardly ever went to meetings. He rufused to tell me why and what happened to him.

    One of my best friends growing up went to Beth-hell. He came home after a year, not fulfilling his tour of duty, so to speak. In that short time, something happened to him. He was never quite right afterwards. I never could get anything out of him about what happened. He was like a different person and I didn't know him anymore.

    Back to the original question. Of the Bethelites that I knew, only one has remained as an uber-dub. He's a pioneer elder in a local congregation now. Self righteous prick is what he is. The rest have either faded, or are fringe JWs. I do know one who DAd. I don't have details, but I suspect "apostacy".

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