Percentage of Bethelites that turn "apostate"?

by What-A-Coincidence 16 Replies latest jw friends

  • What-A-Coincidence

    Less than rank and file?

    Anyone have an idea?

  • leavingwt

    I have a broad, sweeping generalization about ex-Bethelites. . .

    Within ten years, they are either Spiritual Giants ™ or Apostates.

  • What-A-Coincidence

    or Conspiracy Theorists

    I've googled a few clowns that I knew in my 10 years at Bethel ... all apparently are still in except you and JP. It appears that most become "Spiritual Giants" ... become C.O.'s, foreign service, missionary, P.Os, etc.

  • leavingwt

    Evidently! LOL!

  • purplesofa

    A brother of someone from my congo, that was at Bethel or Patterson, not sure which,

    just walked away after being there 20+ years, with no explanation.

    At the same time he was leaving his brother was being made a CO.

    I always wondered why he left, he did not come back to Arkansas,

    they said he went out to California.

    The family was really messed up about it, this has happened in the last 5, 6 years or so.

    I wonder if he just left or if he has gone apostate.


  • leftbelow

    10 years was about the exact amount of time it took me to start figuring it out. Of course all my cousins who went to bethel are in the "Giants" category.

  • wobble

    I always believed that you had to be a non-spiritual society man to go to Bethel, I said no son of mine would go,they didn't, and didn't stay JW's either.

    I think the kind of Guy who can last long there, is not the kind to question, so tends to stay.but they are not spiritual giants, just big society men.



  • daniel-p

    I agree with Leaving. After Bethel you can't do anything just "sort of." You're either totally in and a company man, or you really know its all BS.

  • Witness 007
  • jookbeard

    over the years here in the UK the amount of ex Bethelites/CO/DO's who have apostatised must be quite high

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