Everybody, I love you.

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  • Hope4Others

    This has always been a beautiful song of friendship, caring, and love always....

    Beaches - Wind Beneath My Wings


    here's a better version....


  • LouBelle

    I had a really bad day yesturday with our one later from HR. I am so disappointed and frustrated when working with these people that I did express it very loudly. It ruined my day. Last night I made up my mind that today I would treat every body I came into contact with, with love. I meditated and had a great sleep.

    So yes today is love day

    To all of my fellow ex jws - we are free, we are alive and I you.

    To my very special rock - you are solid, you are enlighted, I can't wait to see you - I you.

    I'm all about the love

  • ninja
  • Heaven

    Do you remember the "Love Is..." comic strips? They were created by New Zealand artist Kim Grove in the late 1960s. I always liked them. Here is a website with some of the strips - http://www.loveisfan.com/ . (edited to add: official website = http://www.gocomics.com/loveis )

    "Love Is.... The Reason We're Here On Earth"

  • jeanniebeanz

    Hey, JB. Long time no see! That is a beautiful song. Did they bring a choir with them? To sing background? The choir makes the song.

    Hi, Flyin. Sorry, I been busy in the non-computer world. :)

    Actually, they opened for Journey at the Concord Pavillion in Concord, CA. It was a great show, but there was no choir. Didn't know they had one!

    (continues to groove with the tunes...)


  • stillajwexelder

    I love you too FHN

  • FlyingHighNow

    Aw, Stilla, always so sweet.

    To all of my fellow ex jws - we are free, we are alive and I you.

    Yes we are. Think of how much worse our lives would be this very moment had we not been set free. But we take away one parting gift or consolation prize, we still have each other. We still have our brother/sisterhood, only now it's without conditions. Our bond is still in tact, but now it's stronger and better than before. There are the occasional negative people who are still lost in the JW intolerance, but for the most part we are so glad to have left that love does really cover it all.

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    Can somebody please help? I have no idea anymore how to get my video on here.

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