who on this boards packing heat?

by 504deist 46 Replies latest jw friends

  • BurnTheShips

    Those are some fine weapons WingCommander. You only buy top shelf, I see.


  • oompa

    ok...i bought a 22 marlin semi-auto rifle at kmart when i was 13 for 39.99.........great gun and i still have it.....still shoots lr as fast as you can pull the trigger

    then i bought my dream gun a few years ago..........winchester model 94 30-30 .......the grand lever action of all good cowboy movies........just something about that sound of putting that next shell in the chamber...........

    then i got a mossberg pump 12 gauge holding 6

    the last gun i bought not long ago from our own jk666 formally here.....was his sweet 45 glock......however it did not fit my hand well and i traded it for a buddies smith and wesson model 27 .357 magnum........a beaut in mint condition......worth way more than the glock........it fits my hand like a glove and is by far the most accurate handguns i hafe ever fired (nails 5 gallon bucket at 100 yards).....no scope.............oompa

    my jw wife refuses to learn to shoot any of them as she would rather be raped and murdered, and watch me have my throat slit rather than be bloodguilty blowing some guys nuts off in our own home??????

  • greenhornet

    Between my son and I we have 1 Bushmaster Ar 15 223 I built with YHM parts and a Eotech site. 1 Bushmaster Ar 15 with stock iron sights

    1 Marlyn 22 rifle tube feed with scope 1 Keltec 380 pocket pistol 1 Springfeild arms XD 9 mm sub compact hand gun 1 Keltec sub 1000 folding carbine in 9 mm 1 Tarus stainless steel 357 mag. wheel gun. 1 FN 5.7 by 28 hand gun. I HK MP5 in 9 MM.

    Come brake into my place in the middle of the night.

  • thomas15

    One of the things I love about living in this state (PA) it is a carry state. Sorry to say though, I work in NJ which has the worse gun laws in the nation so I don't carry on work days.

    My favorite carry is a Taurus PT140 Mil Pro in 40 S&W. The only drawback is it's DAO. I also carry a S&W 6904 9MM, not as comfy but holds more ammo. One of those cute KelTec 32 auto poodle shooters rounds out the collection. I'm looking for a 38 special snubbie for Mrs. thomas15 to have.

    Then there are the rifles and shotguns, don't get me started.

  • leavingwt
    One of those cute KelTec 32 auto poodle shooters rounds out the collection.

    I use their .380 model as my concealed carry piece.

  • BurnTheShips

    I've got a small holster for mine, you can carry it in your back pocket exactly like a wallet.


  • Twitch

    Hmm, 357, 45 or 9mm?

    Oh wait, only the crooks have 'em here,....

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