Do you pray these days?

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  • highdose

    i was wondering if anyone here prays anymore? and if so, to who? What do you call god? what role do you think god plays in your life? Or do you not think god exsists at all?

    For me i havn't prayed for 8 months, I've since found out on here that jehovah isn't gods name, and i have to say that in all the years in was a JW i don't think i ever had my prayers answered, even at the darkest moments of my life.

    thoughts please?

  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein


    Actually I pray only with my wife (still in) and my son (7years) at lunch, because if I would not, she would do it with him without me. I want to be viewed by my son as his spiritual authority to be able to teach him the Real Truth...

    When my son asks me to pray with him before sleep, I pray with him to God and to Jesus ... (according 1 Co 1:2 thats what christians in the 1st c. were doing...)


  • leavingwt

    I prayed with my 3-year-old last night. It was mostly a calling to mind all of the wonderful people in our lives. I love to hear her name the people that are special in her life.

  • Chalam

    When my son asks me to pray with him before sleep, I pray with him to God and to Jesus ... (according 1 Co 1:2 thats what christians in the 1st c. were doing...)

    God or Jesus is cool, Father is good too Matthew 6:9-11

    All the best,


  • PSacramento

    We pray as a family ever meal, being thankful for al the blessings and Grace that God gives us through Jesus.

    Every night I pray with me eldest, asking God to look over those who we love and hold dear in our hearts ( sometimes she names names, the little cutie), with my youngest (2) I do most of the talking and she says Amen at the end :)

    Then I go downstairs and Pray to God to give me strength while I clean up their MESS !!!!

  • Chalam

    Then I go downstairs and Pray to God to give me strength while I clean up their MESS !!!!


  • jookbeard

    rarely, on the very odd occasion I may make a quick prayer to Jesus, but that's about it

  • cantleave

    This is an emotive subject for me. I have stopped praying. I really did have a strong relationship with Jehovah, in that I prayed before every major decision. I now feel this was just like a talisman, giving me confidence to take the next step. I used to pray with my children, I have now stopped, I don't want to influence them to become religious, especially since most of their family are still in. My mother actually had the audacity to say to my daughter, recently that "She love Jehovah more than her parents", I said nothing but it made me so angry.

    I don't pray because I don't know if I actually believe there is anyone to pray to. My son who is only 6 keeps asking why god made certain things. I am finding it increasingly hard to answer his questions. I want to say "well god may have created (whatever it is) because ........ or it may have evolved because it has certain characteristics which enabled it to survive in (whatever habitat it lives in".

    So may years of WTS programming is really making me feel "dazed and confused" (just put that in for jimmy page).

    If I start praying again, the first thing I am going to show my thanks for, is this site and those who take take the time to post here.

  • littlebird

    Yes, I do. I call him "Father" like Jesus did in the Lords prayer. It was difficult at first. After being duped by the Wt, I didnt trust anything to do with religion. I didn't know if I even believed in God anymore at all. It took time. I guess I was agnostic for awhile, but I didn't totally give up on the possiblity that God existed.

    Everyone has different opinions as to whether or not God hears prayers when we were witnesses or not. My personal opinion, for what its worth, is that God hears those who approach him in faith. I know I had prayers answered then, and I've had prayers answered now, things no one could know about or things that could not be just left to chance. My faith has been restored.

    Like Cantleave , Im thankful for this site. I'm thankful for the christians, other religions, atheists & agnostics. Each person's comments have helped me through the different stages I have gone through after leaving the JWs.

  • zarco

    I dont pray anymore unless we have Witnesses at our home. Then I usually pray before the meal or ask someone to do so. I too had what I thought was a very strong relationship with god. I felt his guidance in my life and in making difficult decisions. I still believe in the possiblility that he is real and actually am hopeful. Sadly, evidence of his existence seems a little in short supply. I try to remain humble enough that if evidence is presented I will respond. The only time I miss praying is when I worry about our children. It always seemed comforting to me to pray for their protection.


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