When Prophesy Fails - Why they stay

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  • Farkel

    :It is fascinating how the WTS gets them to forget their own history. JWs are systematically taught to censor their own minds and accept whatever the newest ever-fluid but still "true" belief from Big Brother is.

    "Eastasia has NEVER been at war with Oceana." - (c) "1984", George Orwell

    Two weeks later:

    "Eastasia has ALWAYS been at war with Oceana." (c) "1984", George Orwell

    "Stay Alive 'Til '75" - (c) Watchtower Bible & Tract Society

    "We never said that!" - (c) 1879-2009 Watchtower Bible & Tract Society


  • AllTimeJeff

    I think I need to read 1984. After I mow my lawn, and watch Tiger win the PGA.... :)

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee


    Thanks for that article. Very good.


    I also was at the Assembly right after the close of 1975 explaining that we didn't know the date for the creation of Eve, and that would explain the difference in the closing of the 6,000 years of creation. I remember hearing that the speaker who gave the part left the org. right after it.

    That is interesting. I wonder how true it is.

    Scully and Farkel

    Orwell must have known about JWs. There are some amazing similarities


    Interesting experience. It sounds like they pretty much convinced you it wasn't the "truth"

    That emotional investment is HUGE. Without it there would be no preaching work.

  • reniaa

    what prophecy has failed? armageddon and Jesus coming are still pending and on God's timetable but we have to be ready.

  • Lillith26

    Thankyou Lady Lee for this very insightfull thread.

  • AllTimeJeff
    what prophecy has failed? armageddon and Jesus coming are still pending and on God's timetable but we have to be ready.

    Again, a great question. Why don't you start this on your own topic instead of diverting this one?

    Of course, you could just read this thread again..... But seriously, you have 4 topics... Start one! It feels great......

  • AllTimeJeff


    To realize that you have been lied to right in the middle of Gilead is not really something I would ever wish on my worst enemy. It sucked....

  • reniaa

    hi jeff

    the thread is about failure of prophecy I was just disagreeing with it on topic. disagreement isn't off topic!


  • steve2

    Thanks LadyLee for this valuable resource. I recall it as one of the seminal readings when I was doing an undergraduate sociology paper in the 1980s. Any research that can help people understand the very human tendency to "reframe" and/or forget what they've said is to be welcomed.

  • AllTimeJeff

    Reinaa, the thread is actually about the mindset of those who stay in a religion or cult in spite of failed prophecies. Nothing here was meant to turn this into an expose on failed JW prophecies, but rather, an interesting insight into why people stick with failed prophets.

    Again, I point to the part of the title "...Why They Stay". There is the point.

    Happy to clarify.

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