Why the JWs must get EVERYTHING right

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  • bluecanary

    Some feel that it is enough for the witnesses to understand a few major doctrines correctly. Whatever doctrines are important to you--trinity, hellfire, the soul, etc--if the JWs are in agreement with your own beliefs on the subject, is that enough to make them a religion worth being a part of?

    The Society is fond of using the illustration of a beautifully prepared, tasty and nutritious meal. As you are seated before this meal, your host warns you that a few drops of deadly poison were included with the ingredients. Would you eat the meal?

    If this illustration can be applied to other religions, why would it not be appropriate to apply it to the witnesses? If the main body of teachings is correct (debatable, but please, not on this thread) is it acceptable to swallow that which is wrong, bad or dangerous?

    Is just being aware that the poison is present enough? Or must steps be taken to remove it? If the poison cannot be removed, what should be done with the meal?

    Using the witnesses' own standards, everything they offer must be pure and true or none of it is of value. If some of the "lesser" teachings of JWs are false, of what worth are the others? If it is alright to ignore false teachings in favor of true, then there is no reason this cannot be applied to other religions that have the "important doctrines" correct.

    I have heard this illustration used from the platform multiple times. I believe it is also in writing but I do not have access to an updated cd-rom right now. If anyone can post a reference, I would appreciate it.

  • BluesBrother

    Yes but to the believing dub, ALL of the "present truth" is correct. It is all one spiritual banquet.

    If in the fullness of time the chef decides to improve the recipe and make it even better.....Yummy !

    (I and you know that this is baloney, but try getting a dub to see that)

  • PSacramento

    JW's like to point out the crap that other religiosn have done through out history, and rightlfyllu so, which means that very "measureing rod" must be applied to them aslo, that whole passage of judge not lest yee be judged.

    If its "ok" for the WT to NOT be perfect it then is, obviously, ok for any other religion to not be perfect.

    If its ok for error to happen in Wt doctrine than it is ok for them to be present in other doctrines, you really can't have it both ways.

    If one is asked by the WT to have a critical eye, then that eye must be aimed at ALL teachings, and that IS biblical.

  • WuzLovesDubs

    Dr. Phil...if I may...calls this kind of battling to be RIGHT "right fighters". It doesnt MATTER if they are actually correct, they will defend to the death their stand. And they have built into the system all the loop holes, circular reasoning, misquotes and red herrings they need to always lead you back to their "rightness" in all situations.

    I noticed this looking back at my own initial indoctrination process...they were teaching me that when there was an increase in the number of witnesses "jehovah was blessing the work" and when there was a decrease in witnesses "it has been prophesied that there would be a cooing off and a separation of the wheat and the weeds...." so either way...they were covered.

  • excito-are

    Like winston in george orwell 1984, everything is true then doubts start slowly ( many witnesses are able to dismiss them and discard, and fit and shape new info into their established views.) some of us see the little lies and distortions, at first justifying for the greater good. But once we really think about the lies, we see how prolific they are, and wonder what the real truth is. Eventually you realise you cannot reach the truth through lies and that ironically enough the truth shall make you free. Bye Bye witnesses ideology. So thats why they must be right about everything and not question or they would all end up on this board. :)


  • wobble

    The Bible standard that they claim to go by is:

    "What fellowship does light have with darkness? truth with lies?" Paul to the Galations I think,and not an exact quotation,but you get the point ?

    If they have the "troof" they cannot have a percentage of lies mixed in,it is no longer truth,as the meal is no longer nutritious ,or beneficial. It is all turned to poison by the percentage of poison introduced, AND SHOULD ALL BE DISCARDED.

    They just love to make excuses,and yet at the same time claim the highest standards for themselves,it does not work in the world of food,or in religion.



  • cameo-d

    When truth is mixed with a lie, it makes the lie stronger.

    I have noticed when reading WT lit that the diagram of the sentence or paragraph structure will contain a few facts or accurate quotes, but then some dubious assertion will be weaseled in amongst the truths.

    That way, since you know that statement A and B are correct, you are more likely to take their word that Statement C is correct also.

    More mind tricks.

  • wobble

    Exactly Cam,

    But if someone mixes dog-s**t in with your dinner,do you want to eat it?

    No,neither do I.



  • reniaa

    lol when I look at trinitarian doctrines it's a meal of mostly dog doodooes with maybe a piece of carrot on the side.


  • mrsjones5

    Tell a lie often enough and it becomes truth

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