I'm NOT reading anything of theirs!!!

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  • chickpea

    nice twist....

    like the tiny seed that becomes
    the mustard plant... that snippet
    was just the beginning of the
    unraveling of the b0rg doctrines
    based on what some might call
    palestinian mythology

  • isaacaustin

    reniaa said:

    lol nice try but the difference are there. Does it say that her daughter became a new religion that had it right? No. And why isn't she questioning the big stuff like Jehovah and immortality of the soul etc because JWs have these right. it's a false analogy. Come back to me when you can argue whether we have worship of Jehovah right biblically rather than the minutia of gnit picking eagerness over interpretation.


    My reply:

    The point was well made...of course someone like you would miss, or intentionally dismiss it. Really shows the closedmindedness of JWs. The rest of your rhetoric is a whole lot of nothing about what is big and what is gnit picking. By what authority do you decide that? Oh that's right, none.

  • LouBelle

    If I physically ingest poison - I die. Same too with the JW reading material - it is spiritual poison - you die.

  • bluecanary

    LouBelle, that's a good point. The JWs are fond of using this illustration about "false religion". Would you eat food that was tasty and nutritious if it had even one drop of poison in it? Why can that illustration not be applied to them? Even if we assume they have the basic body of teachings right (which most of us believe they do not) consuming the entire thing would mean being poisoned. By their own standards, they must have EVERYTHING right.

  • OnTheWayOut

    The very thought is disgusting but Reniaa reminds me of how these things are discussed with my wife:

    Come back to me when you can argue whether we have worship of Jehovah right biblically rather than the minutia of gnit picking eagerness over interpretation.

    She starts with the foregone conclusion that "Jehovah" of the Bible is God (iow, the Bible is correct). She builds on that with insisting that there is some "right" way to worship Him, implying that there must be one group out there doing it right, then says that JW's are doing it right.

    A. The Bible is "right."
    B. There is a "right" way to serve the God of the Bible.
    C. The God of the Bible is "Jehovah."
    D. To be serving God "right," you must recognize Jehovah.
    E. WTS recognizes Jehovah and uses the Bible, therefore they are the "right" way to serve the God of the Bible.
    F. If WTS is "right" then all others are "wrong."
    G. Any deviation from this simple "logic" that causes dissonance should just fall back on repeating the steps above.

  • sir82

    Sigh....don't feed the troll.

  • isaacaustin

    right OTWO, complete fallacy from the start....the trolls draw the conclusions before even asking the questions....

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    JWs believe that Jehovah is the Alpha and the Omega.

    So why don't they believe it when Jesus calls himself the Alpha and the Omega?

    In Revelation Chapter 1 it says that Jesus Christ is the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last. Four verses Rev 1: 9-10; 17-18 specifically refer to what Christ says to Paul

    In Revelation 21, the last chapter, it again says that Christ refers to himself as the "Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last,the Beginning and the End. Jesus is quoted as saying those words.

    If i recall the WTS teaches that in some convoluted way that those references to the Alpha and the Omega are switches that refer to Jehovah. But if you read there is no place to switch who is saying those words or who it is referring to.

    But try telling that to a JW.

  • Confession

    For someone not to listen to what a JW has to say: bizarre and sad.

    For a JW not to listen to one who disagrees with her leadership: right and good.

  • PSacramento


    That pic was awesome !

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