Birthday presents for less fortunate kids

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  • MissingLink

    I've never posted something like this before. An xjw friend of mine sent me this link for a charity that provides birthday gift bags for underprivileged kids.

    Just thought that as xjw some here could relate to what it's like not getting birthday presents and may want to pitch-in.

  • beksbks

    That's sweet ML. Every year we do Christmas presents, and back to school stuff for 2 or 3 kids. I love the back to school shopping. They get a back pack, and all the goodies that go in it. I never thought about being able to do birthdays. Thank you.

  • Heaven

    missinglink... thanks for posting this. I will send it to a few of my colleagues. I like this idea. Gift giving is one of the Five Love Languages... it is a way we show love. Staples is doing a back-to-school backpack for less fortunate kids as is Sleep Country (at least in Ontario, Canada they are), which I thought was great, so I bought a backpack.

    beks... that's wonderful! My bro and his family give their Christmas money to less fortunate families as well. They have no need of anything extra so Christmas has become giving to others in need. I love this too!

    I usually support our local food banks, any sort of drives the kids are doing, and the Canadian Womens Federation "Shelter From The Storm" (help for abused women). There are always miscellaneous type events popping up at work too. I haven't yet been able to help out on a more international scale but I hope that will come in time. My parents (as JWs) always discouraged this but I found I needed to help people anyway I could. With my Dad needing help, my time is taken up with him so I can't volunteer too much at the moment. I hope to do this more in the future, though.

    I would love to read how others on JWN help those less fortunate.

  • WTWizard

    Yes, I believe it's good to offer ways for those who wish to donate to charities that are charities to do so. Whether or not one chooses to actually do it, just offering the means to give to the community can help--especially things like Christmas and birthday drives which we couldn't do as witlesses.

  • I discovered
    I discovered

    Thanks for the link. Good idea,one more thing dubs are missing out on.

  • Dagney


    Thank you for posting that.

  • Mary

    Good link ML.......Like alot of people, I give for needy kids at Christmas time, but never thought about the birthdays.

  • beksbks

    I feel very fortunate that Honey Bunny works for a company that coordinates with the community. He picks a few cards, which have the sex and age of the child, and some suggestions for things. We usually pick kids in the 3-10 range it seems. My kids are grown, so I have a blast. I feel more connected because I am picking out the actual items for a specific child.

    Here is another one we do, I just love it. I can read the profiles for hours. We find someone to loan to, and then when they pay it back, we do it again. We put the money in about 3 years ago, and just never took it back out.

  • Heaven

    beks... thanks for link to Kiva. I had recently heard of these loan programs but wasn't sure if they were legit or not. There are others out there so if anyone has other links to programs like these please post them if they feel they are worthwhile. This would be one great way to do international assistance. I like the idea.

  • MissingLink

    Wow. I wasn't expecting such a great response. If anyone wants to get involved more with this - I got an email from Karen who is organizing there. She said they were looking to expand to other areas. PM me or contact her via the website if you want to get more involved in this.

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