Lack of Full Disclosure

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  • journey-on
    Many bills have been rushed through in the past, sometimes without even the House reading them before they go to the Senate. There was a big incidence about that last year.
    I have read some parts of the HCR bill and I have all ideas that it is being maligned by those who are deliberately intending to cause dissent. Pres. Obama could say the sky is blue and there will still be people who will pitch a fit and disagree. I believe there is a deeper agenda behind the rebel rousers. may have things backwards.

    I don't know that many bills this large and important (6-7% of our economy at risk) have been rushed through in this manner. While you stand in defense of Obama and his cronies (research who some of them actually are, btw), you may be blindsided by the very thing you fear. Some people see it clearly and others still hazily and have every good reason to be "roused up". You may be right about one thing....the present gov't may use the current rebellion against his rushed agenda as their own excuse to take some kind of action Americans would otherwise recoil from.

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