Has anyone ever ratted out there family member to the socitey for talking to a disfellowhipped family member?

by Peaches1978 13 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • QuestioningEverything

    Peachy-sorry that your mom didn't do the right thing in regards to you as a young person. Shame on her and on those elders!!! I can see why you are not close with her. I think you should tell her what's on your mind. Some family relationships are toxic. Best Wishes!

  • bluecanary

    Pedophilia and pedophilia enablers are a different story. If a cease and desist letter doesn't work, try a restraining order.

  • Peaches1978

    Thanks for your help and tips everyone, you guys are so kinds and very understanding i'm on my way of typing my letter out hopefully this will work..

  • nelly136

    if you send them a cease and desist its probably better to keep it very formal and matter of fact mention theyve ignored verbal requests, dated signed and keep a copy, and send by registered post or whatever version you have there that means you get a receipt for their receiving/signing for it.

    you could then cc a copy to their kh to make it quite clear you mean business.

    that way if they dont get the hint if you want to take it further you can show you've already tried.

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