Has anyone ever ratted out there family member to the socitey for talking to a disfellowhipped family member?

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  • Peaches1978

    Hi everyone, the reason why I ask this question is (aka i've been defellowshiped for 16 years now) because within the past month my mom and brother and sister which are witnesses (after going to the famous Assembly )have been bugging me, I've tried to do it in a nice way and tell my dear mother to leave me alone stop calling me and dont come around my house. she won't listen, i have never been close to my family or have had a relationship with them.

    so it' doesnt bother me that they dont talk to me. but my point is that they need to follow their own rules. i even went and printed out articles and bible refences regarding how to treat a disfellowhipped person. (which i find to be [email protected]#$%T) and emailed this informaton to them. beleive it or not i starting geting threating letters from my brother. saying that i need to understand the truth inorder to read the articles and know what they are meaning? it was about 8 pages of info, which i knew he didnt bother to read and look up the bible references.

    I was like what the heck he sounded so stupid with the that last sentence. i told him wow even my dog can read and understand the awake article. I told him i have a 4 year degree and education to understand common sense unlike you who never went to college.

    so my question to you guys are how can i go about to writing to the soceity to let them know that their members are harrassing me and not following there rules regarding the disfellowshipped policy........ have anyone of you guys in this form ever had to go through this........I would appriciate your comments and suggestions.

    Thank you,


  • blondie

    No, but I did enquire why an elder was having close contact with his df'd daughter and son and publicizing it as okay to the rank and file. I did find out from the elder body this phrase "necessary family business" covers a multitude of association, if you're an elder that is.

  • Peaches1978

    thanks blondie, but what i find so funny is that my mom has no business coming to my house we have never had a relationship and out of the blue she wants to bug me. i have children and it seems like she wants to play grandma all of a sudden i'm in no way want me children expose to her hypocrocy...

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Even after you tell them to leave you alone they still try to contact you ? Don't bother with Witness world ,go to the real authorities if it is so important to you to keep them away from your family especially if you are feeling threatened or harrassed .

  • QuestioningEverything

    Sounds to me like your family misses you and are worried. I understand not wanting your kids exposed to that mess but maybe there is a happy medium somewhere for you.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Harrassing someone with WT stuff is not "missing them." It is harrassing them with religion. My mom would be that way if I let her.

  • bluecanary

    Offer a relationship--on your turns. Invite them over for all your holiday celebrations. Spend time with them and be up front about your non-witness activities. Talk about what you're up to with your church (or atheist group, whatever your thing is). If they want to preach at you, say, "That's nice. Did you know my church is teaching about . . ." and preach right back at them. Just act like what you're doing and talking about is the most natural thing in the world; which, of course, it is.

  • QuestioningEverything

    I'm sorry, I didn't get in her post that they were harassing her with WT stuff. They probably were but once again, I stand by my statement that they are just concerned for her and miss her as a part of their lives. Obviously, they are going about it the wrong way by preaching to her but none the less, they are worried.

    I don't want to hear what happened at the assembly, KH or what the latest article inthe WT says, but my mom loves me and is worried to death about my inactivity-as I'm sure that Peaches family is. I could never break her heart by telling her what I really think. I guess, to each his own.

  • Peaches1978

    thanks everyone for your replys. trust me when i say that my family is not a loving one that misses me. my mom allowed and covered up the sexual abuse from her ex husband and it was swept under the carpet with elders back then. this is something that i'm going to confront her very shortly if she keeps on harrassing me (she is married now to an elder which has no clue of her past) I have no feeling toward them as family what so ever i've learned to not have feeling for them. but i just want the callings and preaching to stop....

    thanks everyone for letting me vent a lil... i have so much held in that is not funny.

  • nelly136

    cease and desist letter worked for me when my once family turned up at my daughters works en masse and upset her,

    but if yours are more persistant then maybe a solicitors letter re harrassment might do the trick. you then have the option of enforcing it if they dont leave off.

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