Is this Kingdom Hall Creepy?

by kurtbethel 51 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • kurtbethel

    This is a hall in Oceanside, California. It is hidden away from the street on a nondescript lane.

    Oceanside Kingdom Hall

    No windows!

    windowless creepy hall

    Anyone for hiding away in a suffocating hall?

    Mormons know how to build better

    It would be beneficial to look over the wall and get building tips from the friendly neighboring Mormons, who have newer light about architecture.

  • rolling rock
    rolling rock

    Yes they are!

  • LouBelle

    C R E E P Y indeed. It really has no windows. I would feel very uncomfortable - no window to jump out of. Good job KB good job!

  • steve2

    Well, at least in this hall you could never be accused of letting your mind be distracted by looking out the window - cause there are none. On the other hand, it must be tough going for claustrophobic members!

  • dudeson

    My old hall was plastered with windows. I really didn't know what people were talking about when they said "look for the place with zero windows."

    Our area has 3 halls. 2 of them built within the last 6 years. Lots o' windows.

  • stillin

    windows were discouraged by the Society on new halls. There is a potential for vandalism, and an insurance break is offerred to the congregations for leaving windows out. The hall here is new and has small windows. Pay the premium and have a good-looking hall that won't start tongues wagging, is my opinion!

  • nelly136

    it looks and will probably feel like all the others, which is one thing i think they all have in common, bland on the outside bland on the inside and devoid of any feeling or warmth. dead ground, dead building, empty in every possible way (even when theyre full to capacity)

  • Heaven

    That's weird. Most buildings are done like this so you can't see what's going on inside. Just sayin'.

    It was probably more to do with cheaping out. It's faster, easier, and cheaper to build it with no windows. I sure hope it has air conditioning!

  • isaacaustin

    I never thought of it that way before...but the last memorial i went to (2006) I got that feel. I remembers watching the ritualistic passing of the emblems as each dub refused to partake of Jesus flesh and blood, and seeing the blank looks on everyone's face. Creepy, yes. For the first time it actually felt creepy.

  • Scarred for life
    Scarred for life

    I was just in the UK for 3 weeks on vacation. I saw 2 Kingdom Halls in Scotland. No windows! And , yes , I got that creepy feeling just like I always do when I pass by a Kingdom Hall.

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