Has anyone had Lasik Surgery?

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  • homeschool

    I need it! Everybody whose had it says great things except their night vision is a lil off. I went walking this morning & saw a duck but I thought it was a gopher at first . My eyes are always red after wearing my contacts & I'm blind as a bat. My glasses need a different Rx. It sucks to go swimming a lose a contact lens. When you sweat, your glasses get all foggy.

    Do you know of anybody whose had Lasik & is happy or unhappy with the results?

  • Anne

    I had lasik about 8 years ago, definitely worth it for me. The first day after was rough if I remember right, then all was good. Do you work at a computer or anything like that? Some have trouble with glare from screens after. Pick an opthamologist that has done a lot of the procedure, and ask lots of questions. In particular ask his complication rate, and what type of complications. This is not something that you want to base your decision on the lowest bidder (just don't pick the cheapest, pick the best, it's your eyes!!)

    I have a friend who the laser malfunctioned somehow and wound up with problems. It was a fluke. He still wears glasses, and can see. Nothing is foolproof.

  • PSacramento

    I had it done last year, I had the high end on that cost me 4K, but came with lifetime eye exams and free "re-work" if needed.

    I am 100% happy with it, my wife will probably do it next year.

    I had -7.25 and -6.50.

  • SnakesInTheTower

    I had the surgery a few years ago. Mostly great. I was nearly blind in my left eye growing up. I had a bad astigmatism and couldnt have Lasik for years. I wore glasses because I didnt like the idea of contacts (touching the eye, etc). The surgery went fine.

    I am now 42 and had my eyes checked by a regular eye doc. I really need to get readers. Its not bad. After age 40, presbyopia (age related eye problems) start to kick in and I was told I would probably need reading glasses at some point for intermittent use (reading, computer work, etc). There are surgeries coming on line for presbyopia. CrystalLens (lens replacement) and its counterparts are another option that are often used for cataracts....

    I highly recommend Lasik..make sure you go to a center where the doctor is involved from beginning to end. That was the one issue I had with my center. I didnt see the surgeon until an exam 15 minutes prior. I was seen by other staff for all other pre and post op exams. (My place was a chain, LasikPlus). If I had to change ONE thing, that would be it.

    Oh...and I am glad I didnt watch other people having surgery on the waiting room monitors before....that would have freaked me out. The actual surgery is less than 4 minutes per eye and doesnt hurt. After you do have immediately noticable better vision...but the eyes itch a bit..and you use drops for a little while...

    best wishes on this

    Snakes ()

  • homeschool

    Yeah, both my eyes are -5.75...its rediculous & annoying. Thanks for sharing

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    I had it about two years ago and am soooo happy i did it!! No regrets at all. My night vision was bad for a while, and for the first month I didn't drive after dark because of the halos, but I had some problems with glare at night before the surgery anyways. I highly recommend it

  • drwtsn32

    I had it done about 6 years ago. Overall I am VERY pleased with the results even after all this time. However, I do have some mild glare problems at night. (Glare is caused by your pupils dialiting out beyond the edge of the "resculped" area of your cornea.)

    My vision is not perfect after all this time though. LASIK will not stop the natural changes in your vision, nor will it do anything to stop presbyopia. Actually it may even accelerate its onset.

    Definitely go to someone with a lot of experience! I went to a doctor who performed thousands of procedures. It was very quick and painless, although some parts of the procedure are a bit unnerving. Like when they use the microkeratome.

  • homeschool

    I....don't... EEEEven wanna know what a microkeratome is. My eyes are so sensitive....if somebody else's eyes are watering, mine start to water too. When I go to the eye doctor, it freaks me out when they blow that puff of air in your eyeball.

  • SixofNine

    I had it, and it's definitely worth it. Some of the people up-thread seem to have gotten off better than me in the discomfort dept. I had a really miserable night the first night, but the pain and discomfort rapidly improved. That was 6 years ago or more, so the machines may have an even lighter touch now.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    I had PRK in 1996 and love it.

    PRK is different than LASIK in that there is no cutting or pulling back a flap. I was -8.5 in both eyes and in 48 hours I was 20/15 in the left and 20/25 in the right. No complications whatsoever and the only side effect was a slight dryness in my eyes. But I just put some regular eye drops in first thing in the morning and I'm good to go.

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