How would the JWs leaders interpret the Beatles?

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    There was an elder in my original congregation who was anti-Beatles, because. . .wait for it. . .The Beatles did drugs.

    I wanted to ask him: Which artists in the 60's and 70's didn't do drugs?

  • mrsjones5

    I wanted to ask him: Which artists in the 60's and 70's didn't do drugs?

    The Carpenters? Hm, Karen did stave herself to death.

  • blondie

    On February 4, 1983 Karen died of a heart attack from her long battle with anorexia nervosa. The autopsy had also shown that she had died from overdosing on ipecac, a drug used to make her vomit, and when taken in large quantities, it becomes fatal.

  • blondie

    These are the kinds of things we read in the publications and heard from the platform when I was a teenager. The musicians and singers before my age group also were immoral and used drugs. Based on WT comments, the only music that is allowed is WTS derived...which is a joke.

    *** w68 5/15 p. 309 Beware of Idolizing Creatures ***Outstanding musical personalities have long been idolized, and especially by womenfolk. Johann Strauss, the "waltz king," was idolized by many in the late nineteenth century, even as many idolized Frank Sinatra some sixty years later. In more recent times Elvis Presley was the idol of myriads of young women, and still more recently the Beatles became such, as well as their imitators.

    *** w68 8/1 p. 463 par. 3 Does Your Zeal Stir Up Your Brothers? ***In England, the Beatles are declared to be more popular than Jesus Christ among teen-agers. The old religion is reportedly dead. There is a new religion now. It is the religion of the young crowd, with the young sound. John Lennon of the Beatles, recognizing this sweeping change in the world, announced: "Christianity will go. It will vanish and shrink. We’re more popular than Jesus now." A young girl siding in with him asked: "Do you see a girl screaming over a picture of Christ as they do over a picture of the Beatles?" Quite naturally not. As little Zacchaeus once climbed up a fig-mulberry tree in order to get a better glimpse of Jesus Christ, so now youngsters line the rafters to get a better look at those who stir their souls. At the sight of the Beatles one girl cried out: "O my God! O my God! I can’t stand it. I can’t stand it." "God" was on her lips, but it was not a minister of God or the message of Christ that was stirring her soul.—Luke 19:2-8.

    *** g72 5/22 p. 22 Music of the Twentieth Century—How It Affects You ***Yet it must be admitted that some ‘rock’ groups have produced at times some very tuneful music. And it is this melodious music of these groups that still lingers in the minds of both old and young and not the driving, overly pulsated music that so often causes teen-age girls to scream and faint at a ‘rock’ festival. As one noted musician stated, when people, old or young, request him to play music of the Beatles, almost invariably they ask for the tuneful, lyrical pieces that that troupe produced.

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