this is a thread to anull our baptisium...

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  • 504deist

    i look at it like this. i sell cars for a living. if you signed paperwork on a nice shiny brand new car, then when you come out of the finance office, i pull up riding a donkey, and hand you the rings, and say, this is what you really bought, that contract would not stand up 5 seconds in a court of law. same thing with my baptism, i signed up for a ferrari, and got an ass

  • iknowall558

    This was a thread I started a few days ago. (sorry hope I'm not hi-jacking) I am anulling my JW baptism by being baptized again this month.

  • iknowall558
  • iknowall558
  • wobble

    If any Lurkers are reading this thread,then,

    Dear Lurkers,

    If it is crossing your mind to try and anull your baptism,please read similar threads from the past,via the search button,and decide,

    "What is it I want to achieve ?"

    Many wish for a clean break from the Borg,and for the Borg to have no further power over them.This can be achieved,but be aware that you will be treated like a dis-fellowshipped person by all active Dubs from now on.

    If you don't give a flying f***k about that then fine,but if you wish to maintain contact with family and friends still "in",then maybe another method is called for.

    To illustrate the problem with my own case,I could possibly get my Baptism anulled on the basis that I was 12 years old at the time,but because I accepted responsibility within the Borg subsequent to 1985 , (M.S)I am considered to have entered into the same contract as those who were baptised from 1985 on,so can be DF'd or DA'd anyway.Not good for someone like me who has extended family locked in.

    But if you wish to simply get rid of the JW baptism travesty,and the Borg, then get baptised properly,with the help of christians, into the "name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit"

    And may God bless you !



  • chickpea

    i fully recant, retract, withdraw
    and nullify any current affiliation
    with the heretical teachings and
    misrepresentations, disseminated
    with deliberate malice and disregard,
    by the representatives of the
    Watchtower Bible and Tract Society
    and all its manifestations....

    her sins have amassed to the heavens...
    she is as bloodguilty as the whore of babylon
    she condemns so readily with an assumed impunity

    may jah repay, wankers

  • MidwichCuckoo

    WT Baptism is merely a contract with the WT Org. Under the (real) Law, contracts with minors are (mostly) illegal, to protect their lack of maturity, and therefore cannot be enforced. Therefore, in my opinion, because WT Baptism is not a binding contract when performed on minors, it is annulled by definition.

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