this is a thread to anull our baptisium...

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  • highdose

    i'll start:

    the borg makes a big deal out of the fact that everyone choses of their own free choice to be baptised, so on that same basis i see no reason why i can't chose to anul it.

    i highdose here by anull my baptisium to the borg on the basis that:1) i had been both brain washed and pressured in to doing it 2) i did not understand what i was joining 3) i was a child 4) i never said my baptismal vows anyway 4)had i waited till i was adult i would never have gotten baptised.

    therefore my baptisum is invaild ( not worth the paper its written on so to speak) i never was a JW, i'm not now and i don't intend to be ever in the future.

    ...there that feels alot better! would anyone care to join me?

  • oompa

    ditto!....mine is on the basis of FRAUD!!!....they did not tell me they had CHANGED the frikkin bible i grew up with!!!......ADDED not RESTORED the name Jehovah 237 times in the Christian Greek Scriptures/New Testament...........and they did it dozens of times when there is no quote from the Hebrew scriptures which is what they claim they did....and that is a stretch anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!............liars.........oompa

  • JimmyPage

    Count me in. I was a minor. My parents taught me it was the right thing to do and I trusted them. I didn't realize they were cult members.

  • jwfaith33

    can't we just say that I did'nt answer Yes at my baptism talk.

  • WuzLovesDubs

    jwf - according to Spike that was all it took for him not to be baptized. He couldnt say yes to the "first question". So perhaps there is hope?

    Nah...we can protest all day long and they will say "well you went in service didnt you? you went to meetings didnt you? You have implied consent and acknowledgement of the contract...which WE will deny exists if you do something embarrassing in public. "

  • mkr32208

    Sure but the announcement is the same... 'highdose is no longer one of Jehovah's Hog Funnelers'

    My way is better, just say, 'I was never baptized prove I was!'

    That gives you at least a little entertainment! In fact they never could prove I was ever dipped!

  • sacolton

    Add mine on the basis it is not a Christian baptism as indicated in Matthew 28:19.

    It is a idol worship to a organization.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Add mine on the basis that I was 12 and didn't know what the hell I was getting in to.

  • DT

    The way I look at it is that my baptism was merely a symbol of a private dedication to God. The Watchtower Society was never a party to that agreement. They changed the questions later, but they can't insert themselves into an agreement were they were not originally present. I view it as a violation of religious freedom for an organization to try to modify the terms of a private religious experience after the fact.

    I like the idea behind this thread. The leadership of Jehovah's Witnesses doesn't have any reasonable policy for handling baptism annulments. Furthermore, I view the governing body as disassociated because of their "spiritual fornication" with the United Nations. Given this power vacuum, I feel it's entirely valid to handle baptism annulments in other ways. I'm not sure that that simply announcing it here is quite sufficient, unless you unwisely use your real name, although it can be therapeutic and it shows consensus for the fact that JW baptism is a big scam. However, announcing it to friends could be viewed as valid. Signing a statement and having witnesses sign it would appear even more official. It would be interesting to challenge elders with this kind of paperwork if they tried to harass someone. It would raise some tricky legal questions.

    Here's another idea. What if someone told the elders he wanted to get baptized again because he didn't answer the questions or for some other reason. The elders decide to allow him to get baptized again. Wouldn't that be an agreement that the first baptism was invalid? He could then refuse to get baptized at the last minute and claim the organization recognized the original baptism as invalid. Has anyone tried this?

  • cameo-d

    Doesn't matter if you annul...

    all these records are still be kept on you and are following you.

    Such practices like this are also used in china and can also be used against you as judgements.

    A massive effort is underway to link centrally organized control of jobs with centrally organized administration of schooling.

    This would be an American equivalent of the Chinese "Dangan"—linking a personal file begun in kindergarten (recording academic performance, attitudes, behavioral characteristics, medical records, and other personal data) with all work opportunities.

    In China the Dangan can’t be escaped. It is part of a web of social controls that ensures stability of the social order; justice has nothing to do with it.

    The Dangan is coming to the United States under cover of skillfully engineered changes in medicine, employment, education, social service, etc., seemingly remote from one another.

    In fact, the pieces are being coordinated through an interlink between foundations, grant-making government departments, corporate public relations, key universities, and similar agencies out of public view.

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