How Would You Prove That Abstaining From Blood Is Not Prohibiting Transfusions?

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  • minimus

    What is "obstaining"?

  • PSacramento

    I don't wanna open a can of worms here, but, how safe are blood transfusions and, truly, are they the only alternatice available ?

    Does anyone know how many lives have been saved due to blood transfusions and how many lives have suffered ( healthy wise) due to them?

  • isaacaustin

    Quite simply...the Acts 15 account in its entirety. It lists abstaining from blood, idols, things strangled, etc in exactly the same order as Leviticus 17/18 lists what those living among the Jews were to abide by. The cong drew these guidlines up to hopefully preserve peace in the tense cong. In Leviticus this blood mentioned obviously was a dietary restriction on animal blood. Nothing more. Paul makes clear in Cor that it is up to the individual...but to be careful not to stumble others. Obviously guidelines laid down to settle the tension.


    You can`t..

    I tried last weekend..

    Your never going to get through to someone,who is stuck on stupid..


  • minimus

    I believe blood is safer than ever before. If I needed it, I'd have no issue recieving it.

  • isaacaustin

    outlaw says it best. you can prove it but a braindead dub cant comprehend it

  • minimus

    Paul was very conscious of stumbling people.

  • reniaa

    interesting way to twist acts 15 which was the jerusalem elders and appostles deciding what the christians should keep to as christians.

    idolatry blood, immorality/fornication things strangled (which retain the blood) this was not about erm not hurting the Jewish christians feelings but what requirements to keep as highly important now they were no longer under the jewish law.

    Unless you guys think immorality/fornication was just nothing so they were now allowed to sleep around commit adultery etc and just make sure they didn't do it near the Jewish christians and hurt their feelings because they were still kinda on strict on immorality.

    Or idolatry time to get our cupboard Gods out now we are no longer under the jewish laws?

    approximately 10 years later this list was reamfirmed in acts 21 as things still to be avoided and applied to ALL.


  • JeffT

    I don't wanna open a can of worms here, but, how safe are blood transfusions and, truly, are they the only alternatice available ?

    There is a cost/benefit ratio to everything in life. Getting in the car is probably the most dangerous thing any of are likely to do. Are you going to quit going to work because you might get hurt in an accident?

    Doctor's are well aware of the risks of blood transfusions. They are also well aware of the risks of what ever they are trying to fix. There is a chronic shortage of blood so blood transfusions are tossed out willy-nilly. If the doctor is giving one it is because he's assessed the risks and made what he believes to be a medically necessary decision.

    None of which will matter to a person that believes every single word he reads in the Watchtower.

  • IWillBeDubbedNoMore

    I hope your Grandson is doing well.

    I wrote this essay about blood trying to show that it was OK to have a transfusion. I was concerned about my family and wanted to reason with them. but no one would look at it. Here is a link to my essay.

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