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  • RR

    I do a lot of ebaying.

    Last week I sold a Spanish edition of "Hymns of Millennial Dawn". It was not an original, in fact I don't believe "HYmns of Millennial Dawn" was ever published by the Societyt in Spanish. Anyways, The auction title said "Hymn of Millennial Dawn -Spanish Ed. (Watchtower Related)".

    I specifically mentioned in the description that the "Hymns" were originally published by the Watchtower in the 1890s and that this edition was published by the Bible Students. I started the auction at $4.00, sold it for $6.00.

    The person gets the item, yesterday he contacts me and says he doesn't want it and wants his money back, says this was not published by the Bible Students, that it was published by the Dawn Bible Students and that there is a difference. I told him to stuff it, he filed a grievance and ebay gave him back his money, so now I am not only out the money, but the book.

    Two weeks agao, I sold a "Daniel, beloeved of Jehovah" by R.E. Streeter, published by the PBI in 1923. It was a commentary on Daniel, published by a former Pilgrim for the Society, who left during the split. All this information was listed on the description. Dumb idiot, after he bids and wins tells me, he didn't know the book was apostate and that he wasn't going to pay for it. This was the second time I tried to sell the book, the first time the same thing happened with another JW.

    Last year, some guy in Europe bought about $100.00 worth if stuff, I mailed it out, he claimed he never got it. I had the receipt that he received it, despite my evidence ebay refunded him the money from my account on paypal.

    A few years ago, a JW purchased over $300.00 worth of books from the Bible Students website bookstore (all reproductions of Russell's writings). Check bounced, in addition to losing the money I had a bank fee for a bounced check, I called the guy up, he just laughed on the phone and called me an apostate and hung up.

    All these individuals were JW's, nice Christian people, eh?


  • Casper

    Ouch... !!! RR,

    That's awful, I've done a lot of business on Ebay in the past and was just thinking of getting into it again, I may have to rethink it.

    Sorry that happened to you, It never ceases to amaze me what some JW's will do, and then pretend they are so much better than others.

    Some are just jerks.


  • oompa

    and you still do this?????....why???????????.............lmao.......oomps

  • OnTheWayOut

    Stick to antiques and ink cartridges and trinkets. Avoid the JW's. OR say that everything is demon-possessed as far as you know. You will get bids but not from JW's.

  • RR

    NOW I have a disclaimer on all my auction "Published by the 'Evil Slave Class' JW's beware!"

  • Satanus

    Put something that will repel jws, but entice those looking for scandal, or dirt. WARNING, HERETICAL!!! Or something like that.


  • passwordprotected

    I'm with oompah....!

  • bluecanary

    It's not just JWs. I've learned to stay away from ebay. 75% of the time I've bought or sold something, I got ripped off.

  • WTWizard

    Now, were it apostates buying the stuff, they would have never done that (unless there was a legitimate problem, such as mis-delivery or the book was actually a fake in the first place). The witlesses will invent crap like that so anyone trying to sell outdated material will end up losing the money.

    Yet, they hate it when we put Zero Dollar Bills and Void Checks in the Worldwide Pedophile Defense Fund and tell others that they can do the same, take huge amounts of littera-trash and don't donate anything for it, or dog the donation arrangements at the doors.

  • TheOldHippie

    If so, they are not the only ones. I have sold and bought some 2,000 objects on eBay and have had problems with perhaps 20 people. All of them US Americans who act as if they own the world, probably a result of the Bush years. Europe - no problems. 95 % of US Americans - no problems. eBay is such a great thing for collectors, there is no reason to be scares off the area due to some few people who cannot read the descriptions.

    "Only PayPal." - "Where do I send the cash?".

    "Only PayPal." - Then they file complaints because you do not take cheques or bank drafts, although you try to tell them it said "PayPal only" and that transferring cheques or bank drafts to other parts of the world is e-x-p-e-n-s-i-v-e.

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