New Kingdom Melodies - samples on youtube

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  • jambon1

    Morbidly depressing stuff TBH.

  • Farkel

    The first one sounded like the author was trying to write a score for a movie, but it soon enough became apparent it was only going to be a slow march. The second one had a melody that could have been written by a first year harmony student, but that was disguised by some decent scoring.

    That being said, they are light years better than the garbage churned out by former GB member Karl Klein, who fancied himself to be a composer! He gave us the timeless and hauntingly beautiful classic "From House to House."

    I know I'm going to get blasted for this, because every time the name of that song comes up, ex-dubs start hearing it in their heads and it won't go away for weeks! This phenomenon has caused several of them to go entirely insane and end up in a room where all the employees wear white and the dress code for visitors consists of only straight jackets!

    Sorry about that.


  • stillajwexelder

    What Farkel - worse than Song Number 8 "Loyal Submission in recognition, this to our God we owe, he gives protection, tender affection, loyalty to him we show"

  • alanv

    For me the worst one was the resurrection dirge. That was what we all called it. Don't know what it was really called. Something to do with 'Lazaras lay sleeping etc. Terrible. I hope for their sake any new songs are better.

  • undercover
    ...Karl Klein, who fancied himself to be a composer! He gave us the timeless and hauntingly beautiful classic "From House to House."

    Maybe Klein was a marketing genius...

    If he wrote From House to House as a jingle to stick in our minds and remind us of our worked.

  • daniel-p

    I wonder what melodies they've ripped off from to make these.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Remember song #100 in the pink songbook, God's Own Book--A Treasure? That was by far the ugliest melody I've ever heard. "There is a book that by it's many paaaaagez, na na na na na na na na na naaaaaaa..."

  • orangefatcat

    Gee how many of you remember the green song bk and the even older brownish paper back song book? The greenish one was also paper back. That is really going back.

    I use to like in the green one song 54, Forward Theocratic Warriors, and 100, I believe was the New Song, the refrain is Sing sing sing, loud let the new song ring , sing sing sing Jehovah now is King.

    The reason the Society did away with those older song books was on account of the musical scores were composed by religious leaders, and composers like some to the great composers ever. Just wasn't good enough for JW's any more, we had to have songs composed and written by JWs for JWs. Do any of you remember Verne Duncan, he was with the Percy Faith Orchestra, before devoting his life to the Organization and music. He then devoted years to that work at Bethel. He died several years ago, he was an incredible gifted man. He was a distinguished man with snow white hair. Stood tall and dressed sharply. He had a gentle hand shake and a beautiful smile. I always found him to be a delightful man to be around.

    Oh well, I didn't fancy these Kingdom melodies, it sounded the same the whole way through with a little back ground music to do away with the constant same sound. The same was true with the witnesses singing the song, Sing to Jehovah. I guess I am being maybe more cynical I don't know. I just didn't enjoy it.

    I guess I have become spoiled with the sounds from the church and cathedrals and find that they sound magnificent in comparison to the JW's music. Maybe I am not being fair even comparing them to that, who knows.


    Loves to sing, Holy Holy Holy that is one of my favourites in Church. Anglican /Episicoplian.,

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