"Clinton in North Korea" Conspiracy

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  • daniel-p

    In the spirit of WAC, african GB member, and lovable wack-jobs everywhere, WTF is up with the image below? As of 7:20AM Pacific time, this image was on the front page of CNN.com:

    Look at "Clinton's" body, then look at his head. His head is about 50% smaller than it should be.

  • daniel-p

    Possible explanations abound. Among them, the North Koreans abducted Clinton and replaced him with a robot. OR, the US actually sent the Clinton-robot to North Korea.

  • drwtsn32

    I see what you're saying. I think it might be an illusion caused by that guy standing behind him though. N Korea would never submit photoshopped pictures to the media.

  • daniel-p

    Here's another photo fromt he same story, proving it's not just an illusion:

    Why does he have shock-white hair in this photgraph, as well as only a moderately receding hairline? In the first photo, his hair is receding around the sides much more prominently. It looks like they couldn't get the robot's wig on right.

  • RubaDub
    His head is about 50% smaller than it should be.

    I recall that's one of the unique characteristics that Monica Lewinski also noted.

    Rub a Dub

  • NINfan05

    lol rubadub

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    If Kim Jong Il was in the picture Clintons head would have looked even smaller.

  • Pistoff

    Nice one rubadub

  • purplesofa

    lol rubadub

    Funny, my body always looks bigger than it really is in pictures too!!!!!

    Both photos you showed, the actual video was seen on TV today.


  • Quentin

    There not photoshopped....

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