"Happy day" as a Christmass substitute???

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  • Heaven

    Yep. We had "Gift Exchange Day". My bro used to joke about it. He'd come in the door and in a very loud voice wish us all "Merry Gift Exchange!" We kids thought it was hilarious. Not so much my parents...

  • quietlyleaving

    we were very fortunate that our wedding anniversary fell approx a week after Christmas. This meant our family could join the chrismas rush and the after christimas sales hunting presents.

  • WTWizard

    I have seen things like this, but usually they will not let the hounders catch them. Why not? If Brother Hounder were to catch us doing it in my former congregation, he would be asking if it's appropriate to celebrate Christmas off-date (and, he would state that it is celebrating Christmas regardless of what disguises are used). The result is that many of the children are getting close to zero toys (and besides, they cannot keep their minds focused on field circus if there are toys that they enjoy waiting for them).

    And, as the real reason for banning Christmas was to allow people to do more field circus and donate the money to the Worldwide Pedophile Defense Fund (not shop the after-Christmas sales), many of the hounder-hounders are bound to put a stop to this practice if they find out about it. Yes, they mention the "children get toys all year long". However, the truth is that they are going to get way fewer--it distracts them if they want to play (less energy for boasting sessions and field circus, which is supposed to take all their time anyway). It also costs money from the Worldwide Pedophile Defense Fund. And, according to the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger, it is good for children to be isolated from worldly people that do not have the witless faith.

  • donuthole

    We had "Happy Party Day" - a generic gift-giving day usually timed around my parent's anniversary in February. Usually it would be exclusive to our immediatel family but sometimes a childless pioneer couple would join us. I know of other JW families that had a similar gift-giving day but call it by another name.

    We had our Turkey on the day after Thanksgiving like most, and were often privileged to attent congregation a-list Christmas eve and New Year's parties.

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