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  • minimus

    They just can't get it.

  • BluesBrother

    Minimus said :

    I'm always amazed that Witnesses can see the logic of a matter UNTIL you make a point about them!

    Take this example , The Awake 00 4/8 p14, "Religious IntoleranceNowAdmitted"

    "Wrongly Motivated Conscience

    Why did Mary order so many people burned to death? She had been taught that heretics were traitors to God, and she thought it her duty to cut out their influence before they infected the whole nation. She listened to her conscience but ignored the rights of others whose conscience led them in another direction.

    However, the Protestants were equally intolerant. Under Henry and Edward, people had also been burned for their religious beliefs. Mary’s Protestant successor, Elizabeth I, made the practice of Roman Catholicism a treasonable offense, and during her reign more than 180 English Roman Catholics were executed. Over the next century, hundreds more died for their religious opinions.Why Apologize Now?December 10, 1998, marked the 50th anniversary of the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Article 18 recognizes “the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion,” including the freedom to change one’s religion and to teach and practice it. The Roman Catholic bishops of England and Wales chose the 50th anniversary as “an appropriate occasion for Catholics to examine their consciences in these matters” and to acknowledge the “terrible wrongs” committed, particularly in the time of Mary Tudor.

    Although acts of religious intolerance nearly 450 years ago are now regretted, has anything really changed? People are no longer burned at the stake, but many so-called Christians continue to rape and slaughter those of other religions. Such intolerance does not please God. Indeed, Jesus Christ, the one who perfectly reflects God’s personality, declared: “By this all will know that you are my disciples, if you have love among yourselves.”—John 13:35." [end quote]

    They can see the need for tolerance to be shown to themselves, but do they show the same tolerance if one of their own wishes to excercise his Human Right and change his religion??

  • sd-7

    If you're having trouble understanding this reasoning, read '1984' by George Orwell. It is the concept of DOUBLETHINK--the simultaneous acceptance of two contradictory opinions. They can fight for religious freedom and at the same time deny it to their own people. They can prohibit the use of blood and yet draw from the blood supply for blood fractions. They can say that "true Christians should be honest" while at the same time twisting the facts. They can call themselves 'the truth' while spouting carefully constructed lies.

    Oh--forgot one. We discourage higher education, but will gladly avail ourselves of lawyers, doctors, dentists, and whoever else can somehow serve us. But yes, read '1984', if you haven't already. That'll explain everything. It sure helped me.

    Small Along the Watchtower (and I'm out of posts for today),


  • undercover

    If there is just one thing to use as a reason to show the Society/JWs up as the cult they are, the blood doctrine would be it. Forget 607/587. Forget 1914. Forget 1975. Forget Russell's pyramids. Forget Rutherford's mansion.

    Dissect the blood doctrine...its origin, how it has evolved, the dishonesty behind the Society's explanations to try to defend it, how it does not correlate with Christian principles.

    Once you do that and you realize that this book publishing company wants you to sacrifice yourself for them...for you to allow yourself to die for their policy, that's all the proof you need.

    It may not be a one-time mass suicide/death like The People's Temple or the Branch Davidians at Waco but it is the same principle. The leadership has indoctrinated the followers to believe that it is good to die for the cause and they would be willling, no, happy, to do so to prove their faith. What's the difference between hundreds dying in one big event and hundreds, or more, dying over the course of the history of the cult? One is no less culpable than the other.

  • minimus

    Great comments here!

    JWs are good at doublethinking. They've made it into an art form.

    Think about this: the entire NT is directed to anointed ones. Everything said is toward those with a heavenly hope. Christ being a mediator applies only to them. YET everyone in the Witness religion 99.9% aren't supposed to go to heaven. The NT doesn't apply to them except in PRINCIPLE! How stupid is that???

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