JW.Org masturbation video - a sign language translators thoughts

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  • Esse quam videri
    Esse quam videri

    The Watchtower 'masturbation' video has caused quit a fuss and IMO rightly so. Let me relate an experience that took place almost 40 years ago, in the 1970's.

    I was translating for several families who attended our hall from outside the territory. The reason they came to our congregation is that I was the only one in the area willing to exert myself to learn the American Sign Language. Among these families was a very gentlemanly and distinguished brother. He would have excelled in anything he chose to do, except for his deaf handicap limiting him. His ears had become infected at the age of three and resulted in total loss of hearing. He was a fine example of a father taking the lead in his household. He worked hard, attended all the meetings and was regular in field service. In his younger years he had been on Canada's Olympic weight lifting team. He was very precise in his sign language. He regularly gave talks on the Theocratic Ministry School. My duty was to interpret these talks, from sign language to the spoken word.

    One #5 talk was on the subject of 'masturbation'. Being the 'nincompoop' he was, the Ministry School Overseer decided to not give the talk to an elder or a speaking brother BUT to this deaf brother. It was my duty to translate this 'masturbation' talk for the benefit of all in attendance, about 100 people, young, old and everyone in between.

    The sign used for masturbation was the same as used in the WT video, and I emphasize this, the deaf brother gave the talk in a very tasteful and discreet manner. It was a model of a speaker giving a public discourse in a way that was not offensive to anyone. My delivery followed suit.

    Imagine my shock, which grew to outrage and anger, at that offensive, disgusting and, to use Tony 3's favourite word, INAPPROPRIATE video by the present Watchtower leaders.

  • Slave4_38y

    Did you make the right gestures?

  • Esse quam videri
    Esse quam videri
    For his talk I translated to the spoken word, however, when such words were used while I was translating to the American Sign Language I always spelled them out. More tasteful. The translator above is outrageous. I wonder how many 'homosexuals' spend time viewing that video.
  • Listener
    I wonder how often the governing body members love to watch it. They have done nothing about removing them amidst all of the contrivesy.
  • rebel8

    Thank you so much for posting this.

    At one point, we were accused of making fun of sign language. I am still SMH that was even a debate. We were mocking a shocking video that shows wts' hypocrisy and lack of a clue about what's appropriate to talk to the flock about.

  • Divergent
    Did you make the right gestures?

    And the right facial expression too... =)

  • Vidiot

    To this day, I still cannot watch it all the way through.

    It's just. Too. Funny.

  • little_Socrates

    I know people using sign language are often much more expressive than their speaking counterparts...

    However this signer.... WOW great expression! He really gets into his work. It wouldn't have been the same otherwise

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