U.S. Federal Magistrate Judge, the Honorable B. Dwight Goains, a Jehovah's Witness

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  • rebel8

    Another crooked judge in the wts. hmm.

    Another one who coerces victims into silence. hmm. So far, he's fitting in.

    Oops though--they don't allow judges in the borganization anymore. Right?

    Is this guy really a dub? How is that possible? Dubs eschew jury duty, for Pete's freaking sake.

  • smiddy

    Maybe he see`s himself as a latter day "Judge Rutherford" , I can see it now , "Judge Goains" the new kingpin of the Watchtower Empire.


  • Crazyguy
    anyone know how many years a dub and a judge?
  • SAHS

    Isn’t that interesting that a Jehovah’s Witness would actually be a U.S. Federal Magistrate Judge. I say that because JWs have often frowned upon anyone even serving on jury duty, especially for a capital murder trial, as even that would apparently be thought of as putting oneself in the position of “judging” involving the life and death of their fellowman. And that’s the reasoning that has been used by many JWs to request an exemption from such jury duty on grounds of religious conscience. I’m sure that ever since his position “as a federal prosecutor,” the Honorable B. Dwight Goains would be in such a position to make life-and-death decisions, thus having the moral culpability to God that goes along with that, at least according to the WTS’ teachings.

    And according to a similar line of reasoning that has been adamantly pushed by the WT organization, a JW could be disfellowshipped for choosing to remain employed as a police officer or security guard carrying a gun because they could be in a situation where they could become personally bloodguilty. (My dad had a Bible study quite a few years ago who was a policeman, but, of course, he had to quit his job so he could be baptized.)

    Yep. Kind of makes you go, Hmmm. (At least it does for me.)

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