How many of you actually "contributed"?

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  • Question_Mans_interpretation
    We never did and I always felt bad but now looking back I'm glad we didn't give a cent. They may have wasted my time but not my money
  • cleanideas
    I was a very poor pioneer. I never gave anything because I couldn't. I always kept saying to myself once I started to make more money I would donate, but considering I gave up a scholarship to university so I could pioneer and was stuck a janitor for years I don't feel vaguely guilty. They screwed up my life, they owe ME money!
  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    Should have added to my earlier comment... the catalyst that actually ENDED my regular contributions without feeling guilty... seeing a newspaper article of New York's TOP 100 highest earning businesses and WTBT$ was on the list!

    I remember being shocked/surprised because I had absolutely no idea that WT 👑was considered a BUSINESS and was earning multi-millions. ( Filed the info in my cognitive dissonance file.)

    P.S. BUT I continued to contribute to Bethelites and didn't remove WT as my beneficiary until after I was fully awakened in 2012.

  • adjusted knowledge
    adjusted knowledge

    I started my first job at 16, and began contributing my own money then. However before I became inactive around 17 or 18, I asked the Elder behind the counter to order me the WT and Bible CD. He refused telling me they aren't free. That day forward I never contributed a penny. It was also another confirmation of the elitist attitude of some Elders.

  • hoser
    I used to give plenty but after I saw how many millions the branch had in long term investments I thought why don't I have long term investments and I stopped giving them money
  • WTWizard

    I contributed too much. Usually, it was something like 50 toilet papers per day at the a$$emblies (back then, enough for a whole roll of silver quarters). I donated for the littera-trash, at least for a while. And, when I bought an air conditioner from a jokehovian, I found 4 bills of 50 toilet papers each--4 rolls of silver quarters right down the drain. Worst, I got scammed for 32 toilet papers a month for a new building we did not need. I kept that up for 7 months, getting nothing but bad luck all the while, and wasting another 4 rolls of silver quarters' worth.

    Not to mention time wasted in field circus, wasting money getting rubbish needed to abide by stupid rules, paying for rides to and from the boasting sessions (4 silver quarters' worth per week), suit dry cleanings, and wasting money on phude items I otherwise would not have bought. Good thing I was relatively stingy when it came to donating for the pious-sneers who wasted more money, treating, and donating above and beyond for the Worldwide Damnation Fund. And, due to the bad luck, I discontinued any and all support (financial and otherwise) for our local slow-build.

  • Mad Irishman
    Mad Irishman

    I always gave when I took literature. If there was a special need in the hall I would give for that. I also gave money privately to those who were in need or were going where the need was great. I always donated in cash.

    My parents really, really gave a lot. They also gave loans to those in need, gave money to those who were poor, gave several of their cars they were going to trade in to those who had little money, cooked thousands of meals for brothers and sisters through the years, and donated probably way more than they should have because they are so big-hearted.

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