Confusion on what to believe, also guilt.

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  • izzysma

    I was raised a witness up until I was 16, never was baptized, and now that I have my own child now I am having a REALLY hard time with wanting her to know what religion is. As I have gotten older, wiser I am doubting the truth even more...actually I never doubted it until just a few years ago. Being a witness is the only religion I know so I still have that sense of loyalty to it even though it's not what I choose to be. My Mom is still a devout witness so it's always brought up in conversations. I'm really feeling alot of confusion and guilt cause I just don't know what to believe. I am scared to learn another religion just because I was brought up that if you did that, thats the ultimate sin that is unforgivable. So if anyone out there is feeling like I do or has been through this and may have suggestions please reply...

  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein

    Hi Izzy,

    welcome on the board! You say you dont know what to believe... well...

    Being a witness you learn, there is a simple and clear answer to any question. But the world and life are very complex and complicated. And there are so many questions you never will find an answer to. We must learn to live with it.

    You have choice to live in a "safe" system where you are told what to do, what to watch, what to believe, how to behave, what to eat, what sex to perform.... but you will not be allowed to use your brain on your own (actually you dont have to, we decided everything for you already, and when we change our mind, we will let you know in the WT... )

    Or you can live a real live and look for the answers yourself. This way is not allways easy, but you will enjoy the pleasure of freedom and a right to learn about life and God using your brain.

    Your spirituality is something different from religion. Keep it separate. Work on your spirituality, and teach your kid the same. Religion is here not to save you, neither to be a "Master over your faith". JW are religion that violates and rapes peoples spirituality.


  • PrimateDave

    At the very least you need to find a copy of the book Crisis of Conscience written by a former Governing Body member Ray Franz. He tells how the organization works, shows its very human leadership as they are. It was a real eye opener for me and many others on this forum. It should clear up a lot of your confusion.


  • oompa

    Welcome Izzy!......this place is a good start to finding your way and answers to questions........we just about all have things in common as far as religion and your topic esp.

    you: I am scared to learn another religion just because I was brought up that if you did that, thats the ultimate sin that is unforgivable.

    me: I would start with this point......Why are you scared and what of?? are not officially a you have more freedom than if is not "wrong" to learn about other religions.....even WT has a book called "mankinds search for god" and that is what it tries to do, so you have every right to check out other religions, but i agree that spirituality is personal, and most religions just try to help you become more so........and why do you feel a desire to "learn another religion" can learn without joining btw

    good luck on your quest.....for me......i decided no religion matters anymore as i know for a fact NOBODY can truly answer the big questions......Why are we here, where are we going.....the dead aint talking......nor is anyone in any spirit realm if there is one............oompa

  • kitten whiskers
    kitten whiskers

    I was petrified.

    We went to a Baptist church for the first time on an Easter Sunday. What would happen?

    The unthinkable happened...they honored God and sang a song to Jehovah! They actually used the name in praise and glorification! My hubby and I just about had to shut each others mouths! Our jaws litterally dropped so fast we didn't realize our mouths were hanging open until we looked at each other! And we looked at each other so quickly with jaws gaping we nearly got whiplash! LOL! We were in shock and amazement...did you just hear what I heard? The Society said other religions DID NOT use the name of Jehovah. They said other religions DID NOT praise his name. We felt as if a bucket of cold water had been dumped on us to wake us up! The Society was a bunch of liars! And I heard it and saw it (there was a banner with Jehovah on it displayed in the church) with my own eyes. Their scare tactics were just that. Scare tactics. I also attended a small mid-week meeting and they had prayer. Their prayers were sincere and were for the benefit of others and the community. The things they prayed for were beautiful and in concern of others...I never witnessed such a prayer in 30 years as a JW. It was eyeopening.

    We also tried a Methodist church, a Lutheran church and finally found a wonderful non-denominational church full of love that did not preach anything outside of scripture. No speculation, no extra was a restoration church. If it was in the bible they preached it, if it wasn't in there, it was up to you. We loved it!

    The beauty of it was, that after we got over the initial hurdle of fear and guilt, God blessed us with sights and experiences of love that the JW congregations lack. Don't be afraid. Pray and let God guide you. Go with a friend to visit their church. That's how we went to our first visit. We went with a new friend. It helps, because you can ask them what to expect and take away some of the nervousness. I hope you try it. It is kind of like the first day at a new school. You've been told by the old principle that the new one will be ruthless and you will not succeed...but you find that you like him and he's a really nice guy and you learn a lot!

    Welcome, and best to you!

  • diamondiiz

    You want to stay Christian, Bible is all you need. You don't need religion to guide you as it's all same BS of people controlling people. If you need an answer to a question you may research it through other publications and don't just take the first "answer" you find but compare different views and if you can't come to a conclusive answer to satisfy you leave it as that for if you can't understand something other may not either but push their own understanding at others as all religions do - WT$ is prime example.

  • Leprechaun

    Why not teach her what God is rather than some religion, that he is not a cult master, but a loving kind god who will in the long run provide for our lasting well fair.

  • mouthy

    Hi Izzy,

    welcome on the board ... Good to have you here
    I think visiting other churches is a great eyeopener.
    Of course since you were raised as a witness ,you will find
    it hard to read all the reasons against the WT but believe
    us when we tell you it is the FALSE PROPHET spoken of at Deu 18.20-22
    Not one of their "I told you so" came true. WELCOME again

  • The-Borg

    You have a God given right to believe what you want to believe and not to feel guilty about it. You don't have to know all the answers either.

    Just make sure your not being emotionally manipulated by anyone. If in the course of studying whatever religion and you are having feelings of guilt, fear, confusion or even feeling of overwhelming gushy love - GIVE IT WIDE BERTH, its not for you or your prescious family.

    Personally I would advise staying clear of all religion but thats just my opinion.

    All the very best to you.

  • Leprechaun

    I switched to doing study wiht the Assosiated Bible Students on line, we discuse anything and use all bible translations and do compareing, and pose questions for the group. A real pluss is they don't disfellowship, and I can have birthdays of my kids.

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