Blondie's Comments You Will Not Hear at the 07-12-09 WT Study (DAY NEAR)

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  • quietlyleaving

    there was much overkill yesterday - the public talk was also based on the flight to Pella before the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 CE and then the watchtower conductor, an impassioned bethlite, hammered home the point about obedience. There was such an air of drama and gratefulness to the WTS/GB for providing safety/means of escape that I sat in complete silence and left when they started talking about how dangerous it is to miss meetings - I wasn't trying to make a point by leaving, I'd had enough (plus my shoulder was bothering me from trying to sit attentive and satuelike).

    edit: I thought this is how thinking intelligent people remain witnesses

  • passwordprotected

    Welcome Half a Person, great post.

  • marcopolo

    Because the WTS Says: read THE BIBLE? not Study!!!

    what is the solid food? where i can find??

  • Half a Person
    Half a Person

    @passwordprotected & Billy

    Thanks for the welcome!

  • inbetween

    follow the slave whatever future direction he gives....

    I had to comment that evening, and said something like, that we do it, because we trust everything the slave does is in line with the scripures...

    but I think nobody got it really, they always think , the slave has some supernatural secret Information directly from Jehovah...

    and then they call it "not inspired" ???

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