Assembly Assessment increased 300%

by James Jack 32 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Ignoranceisbliss
    Our last 1 day our cost was 24k (we r a large circuit). So the 10.50 per pub figure sounds about right. I doubt they brought in that much. Our assembly is next weekend and I am so looking forward to the accounts report.
  • flipper
    Sounds to me like WT Society is definitely making a killing, cooking the books, siphoning money out of these assemblies for the betterment of the WT organization. Bet they've been doing this for years behind the a scenes. WT Society has always kept the REAL financial reports behind the scenes and hasn't revealed squat to rank & file JW's. One reason among many WT is a billion $$$ corporation. Pretty disgusting
  • WTWizard

    More poverty workings for us. They want as many of them to be helpless when crises hit, which will make them destitute. At which point they will want to force us back in so we can be striken too, along with setting up negative vibrations for the whole world.

    Anyone else notice this at a time when the dollar is dangerously unstable, they are asking everyone to go to Israel for a mission, and other expenses are on the rise? This is our final chance to prepare for hyperinflation, and they are wasting it on these stupid things. I wonder if they are going to demand everyone to turn in all their gold and silver so they can keep this rubbish up--have fun trying to find my stack because those things are not getting any from me.

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