Assembly Assessment increased 300%

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  • redvip2000

    god damn.. they need to provide an itemized expense sheet...

    Sure, here it is:

    Electricity: $0.25

    Water: $0.10

    Toilet paper $0.05

    Slave work to maintain convention halls $0.00

    World pedophile defense fund : $10.10

  • James Jack
    James Jack

    "So an equalizng takes place"

    That's what I was told.

    Bty, you know the Assembly Hall have done away with live in attendants and have replaced them with local pubs trading out days, because the live ins had the same status as Bethelites

  • Oubliette

    If it's truly an "equalizing," then why does the money always only flow one direction?


    While at the Assembly, when reading the financial statement, I noticed our expenses went from $2500 to almost $9500 so I questioned an Elder and said that the Assessment per publisher is at $10.50 for all in the US Branch territory.


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  • NVR2L8
    The assembly halls should not be viewed as a cost efficent way to hold meetings. The assembly ha─║ls are rental properties with repeat customers who are obligated to attend, maintain and pay for their use. Can you say cash cow for the WT.
  • FadeToBlack

    Don't contribute anything. You and I need it more than they do. If they are so in need of cash, they can sell one or 2 of those expensive German offset presses that 'we' purchased earlier. Now that they are going digital, who needs expensive printing equipment anyway?

    I will always remember getting reamed by an elder (who I thought was a friend) for daring to ask why the expenses were so high for the CA. Lots of good old threads here from former CA account servants who were kind enough to explain how it worked.

  • stuckinarut2

    Great comment Oub!

    If indeed it was an equalising, why can't we ask the society for money when we hit desperate times???

    Hmm....cos it's a one way street...oh and that's right, we need to rely on Jehovah to provide......

  • sir82

    we need to rely on Jehovah to provide......

    Jehovah seems to be a poor money manager.

    He's got $1 billion+ in prime Brooklyn Heights real estate with riverfront city views, and he's always begging us for money.

  • stuckinarut2

    In our part of the world, the assembly hall has been paid for in entirety several years back.

    It is only 15 years old, and in a perfect state of repair. No major works are needed. You could say it is in the sweet spot of a buildings life.

    It is used nearly 3/4 of the year every weekend.

    But somehow EVERY weekend the announcement says that they are short several thousand dollars!

    How much does it TRULY cost to use a venue that you already OWN OUTRIGHT,???!!



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