what is Reformed Jehovahs Witnesses?

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  • done4good

    One that leaves the org.


  • klydia

    I agree, Redhorsewoman, that is truly a beautiful sentiment.

    Many Jehovah's Witnesses are good people underneath it all. They are currently brainwashed into believing that others are "wicked", but in their hearts, I believe they want to love everyone. I certainly did.

    Unfortunately, the only honest and loving Jehovah's Witness reform movement I can think of would be one that doesn't believe good people need to be killed at Armageddon simply because they aren't JWs.

    This is the main thrust of the JW teachings, therefore, I don't believe there could ever really be "Reform Jehovah's Witnesses".

    They need to stop believing that they are the only ones "Jehovah" loves.

  • dewey79

    So does anyone on her still believe in the teachings? Or "refermed"? I think that most people just walk away. I didn' grow up in the truth so I guess I am a little different. Here is the URL http://www.jwreform.org/reform.html


  • millie210

    Hi dewey 79, nice to meet you!

    I checked out the web site link.


    I think life is all about getting new chances and when you know better you do better. I just don't think that everyone else sees life that way!

    I don't think that the Witnesses want to reform. I think they are stiff necked and haughty like the Pharisees were.

    So that leaves small groups or factions trying to "fix" things.

    I grew up as a Witness and at this point I am tired.

    I don't think I will be any religion any time soon.

    I do read all of this with interest though.

    How about you?

    What do you think about a reform? Is it possible in your opinion?

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