what is Reformed Jehovahs Witnesses?

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  • overthehillgrandma

    I saw a web site about this..does anyone know what it is?
    BTW I am a grandma to three, mother to three, wife of thirty one yrs to the same wonderfull man..
    hello to all of you!

  • waiting

    Probably like a Reformed Baptist. However, I don't think the Society would take lightly to someone trying to reform them, after all, they are the direct channel from God.

    BTW, I am also 50, mother of three children, no grandkids (4 dogs that I love), been married to same, very patient, man for 20 years, married to a real jerk before that. Been a JW for 30 years, now I'm just trying to talk to others who are trying to stay a witness - but verifying their beliefs with the Bible (like me). Nice to meet ya!!

  • Martini

    Hi G Ma,

    To make a long story short ever since the internet JW's have been discussing what they feel needs changing within the Organization but mostly EX witnesses are speaking out. Opinions vary from minor to major. Some want to see the blood policy changed others would like to see changes in the severity with which JW's shun ex-members. Others too, question the authority structure and would like to see less control for the few (FDS) over the many.
    Whether any of these reforms are any better OR will ever materialize within our life time remains to be seen , which begs the question:
    Are we or aren't we God's Organization?

    What do you believe?

    The answer is NOW in an ever increasing debate world wide.

    Love and Peace to you,

  • overthehillgrandma

    Martini I struggle with this every day..I am relatively "new" only about five yrs, and have not been Baptised because I just cant come 100 percent to terms with this..the society tells us they are Jehovahs channel (and I believe it 90 percent) yet I still have this itseybitsey nagging thing in my heart that says are you really sure?....and I am waiting for him to take this away and replace it...silly I know and I brought this up to an elder once a year ago and was (sorta in my opinion) chastised for this he said I needed to pray and go out in field work more, so I did, and I did and I did...but I still feel the same. thats why I say to give your love and faith to Jehovah, that is where our loyalty lies, not with men, and the society is made up of men..........that is another issue I take issue with..*************sigh*******

  • RedhorseWoman

    We started getting into this a little bit in another thread. I think it's a very interesting question.

    I used to believe 100% that we were God's ONLY organization on earth. Then, I started seeing evidence of Jehovah blessing others outside the organization who, in most instances, were not affiliated with ANY religion, but who possessed a simple, but strong faith.

    While I still feel that there are many JW's who are truly God's people, I no longer adhere to the exclusivity of our position. I have rather come to the conclusion that NO religious group can claim to be the only way to God, but rather that Jehovah has true disciples in many areas, each with his or her own strenghs. For some it is door-to-door witnessing, proclaiming Jehovah's word, for others it is a more personal ministry.

  • lv4fer

    90% wrong 10% right. Study the bible not publications and don't use their bible, it has to be the one of the worst translations ever made. The more you do this the more you will see how wrong they are. In fact as far as doctrine goes I'm not sure they have anything right


    A Reformed JW? It`s like those flaked and formed ribs you buy at the grocery store..WBTS takes dubs who didn`t work out,puts them through a meat grinder.Places the ground dub meat in a mold,bakes them at 400F for 45 minutes..Presto!.A brand new dub ready to peddle WBTS crap..LOL!...OUTLAW

  • garybuss

    Analysis of the psychological methods used for recruiting and dealings with the members within the cult, based on publications of Jehovah's Witnesses /1, 2, 5, 8, 9, 13, 14/ , clearly shows that the main purpose of their activity is to increase the number of followers in order to mentally, psychologically and financially exploit them. All other aspects of their activity are secondary. Recruiting new members and expanding the sphere of influence is all that matters.


  • daydream1900

    redhorse woman that's one of the Nice's things I've read on here!

  • blondie

    I see that this is an old thread...too late to ask for the URL of the website the poster was talking about.

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