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  • KDubbz

    I remember when I was 10 years old (that was 15 years ago), some JW brother in our congregation talked to me and he said he can't wait for us to be perfect in the paradise. I asked him how can we become perfect all of a sudden since sin is "stained" into us. He said that's because Satan and demons won't be around anymore. It makes you feel much more different and it will reduce your temptation. I asked him if we will always be happy all the time without being angry, jealous, and stuff. He was like "definitely!" Next, I asked him what if we fall off the cliff, trip over a rock, or get hit by something in the paradise. We would still be making mistakes therefore we can't be really 100% perfect. He said Jehovah and his angels will help protect him. I told him if we are really perfect then we wouldn't need Jehovah and his angel to help protect us. We all will still make mistakes if we go to paradise. I asked him to use his Bible to show me if Jehovah will do all of those things. He was like "excuse me, I got to go to the bathroom" lol.

    It would really suck being happy all the time like they show in their pictures of the paradise. Happiness, sadness, sorrow, anger, jealousy, anxiety is part of life. That's what makes our life exciting. I love the era we are living in right now because of advanced technology and better understanding of life. I don't see any advanced technology in the pictures of paradise provided by the WTBS. It would be like us suffering a big setback.

  • donny

    What, you don't want to always go around smiling like Bob on the Enzyte commercials?


  • shamus100

    I would rather be dead than be in paradise with a bunch of self-righteous idiots that look like they had a lobotomy.

  • Heaven

    KDubbz... some very excellent points and questions. I have asked these as well. I didn't get any answers ... just peoples' opinions (as usual).

    The idea of paradise is one of the marketting ideas/techniques used by JWs to recruit people. I have seen WTS graphic depictions of paradise on earth with a tractor in the background and a house with siding and windows, etc. Hmmm... If everything is a paradise and perfect here on earth what do we need houses and tractors for?

    Is it truly possible to have a Universe without opposites? Light without Dark, Happiness without Sadness, White without Black, Up without Down, In without Out? Maybe... maybe not. We live in the physical realm so we are shaped and moulded by this. We haven't seen any proof that life without opposites is possible in our lifetime nor in lifetimes past.

  • shamus100

    How are they going to make those windows? A manufacturing plant you say... that doesn't sound like paradise. Who's going to make your clothes???

    The simplest things are very difficult when you don't have machinery and child labour to supplement your lifestyle. Just go to a third-world country and see how they live - hand to mouth, and they work sunup to sundown seven days a week.

    Maybe the same angels who will save us from falling off of cliffs will weave our clothing. Hope it doesn't happen during theyre working hours, or you're screwed!

  • oompa

    we would not even be able to make screens for out huts much less glass!!!..................idiots.........oompa

    wait a minute....the weather would be perfect and bugs would not bite.........i like the no clothes part they dont talk about

  • VIII

    Will we need kidneys? Or colons? For elimination? If we are *perfect* and all?

    Where would the waste go? Would it be filled with bacteria? If perfect? Same thing with animals. I hate cleaning the cat box.

    Stuff to think about. And ask a JW next time you see a JW.

  • KDubbz

    There are just too many questions about the Paradise. JWs don't usually bother asking them because if they do, they will be viewed as spiritually weak. If you think about it more, the more it doesn't make much sense.

    The other thing I brought up to some JWs is 1000 year reign. Suppose we all are perfect, none of us should fall to Satan when he gets out of the abyss after 1000 years. What's the point of bringing back the old system in Paradise? If Jehovah feels the need to judge us again in the Paradise, that means we still aren't perfect after all. All of them had no clear answer to this question and it actually got some of them to think.

  • Heaven

    Here's another question I've always wondered about:

    Adam was in paradise. It was perfect... and yet, he was lonely. So right from the get-go, it really wasn't a perfect situation... at least not for Adam. So then if God is perfect, why wasn't Eve created at the same time as Adam so he never felt lonely?

  • Mad Dawg
    Mad Dawg

    VIII said:

    Where would the waste go? Would it be filled with bacteria? If perfect?

    Perfect poo, who knew? Hmmm... finally, my shhhinola won't stink! Poo-scented candles anyone?

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