My Mother Says Matter of Factly "You're Gonna Die At Armageddon"

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  • MissingLink

    If Mom said that to me I would say: "And you love the guy who is going to kill me?"

  • crapola

    My mom implies the same thing, only she says it a little different. She'll say, "Oh when Daddy comes back in the ressurection he will wonder where you are". You'll never get to see him again!

  • minimus

    Such crapola!

  • minimus

    the Research Lady, I agree with you!

  • minimus

    the Research Lady, I agree with you!

  • undercover
    undercover's the cult indoctrinated part of her brain talking. Another part of her brain loves you for being the good son to her.

    I've experienced similar non sequiturs from some of my family. They'll spout out WT drivel about the end of the world and Armageddon and then 5 minutes later carry on a rational conversation about saving for retirement or making sure the kids get a good college education.

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  • besty

    "I read that Moonies and other cults teach you will die an untimely death for leaving the group. I had forgotten that Jehovah's Witnesses also taught that. Thanks for keeping me updated with what it's like being a member of a high control group. It reminds me why I left."

    Smile nicely and walk away.

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