Strange pics---Tell me what they mean

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  • StoneWall

    All I want to know is why does st. Paul have a glass fish bowl on his head and why is he holding a book in codex form?

    I thought they used scrolls back in his day!!!!!

  • cameo-d

    Saint Luke is making the same hand gesture, but with the palm showing. I wonder what this gesture really means in secret code? You know it's a
    brotherhood thing"!

  • cameo-d

    I do believe there is a hidden message in these pics.

    How do YOU carry a book?

    I usually cradle a book with its pages turned inward toward my inner elbow. I carry a book with its binding facing outward, not the leaves of the pages. How about you?

    The "hidden message" is that the secret society will begin to promote that you have been taught things that are "backwards". And it will start with the name and identity of Lucifer!

  • Kenneson


    That fish bowl around St. Paul's head is known as a halo. It's a symbol depicting an aura of glory, veneration or sentiment surounding and idealized person or thing, according to Webster's.

    As to the scrolls, you are correct; they were made of leather or papyrus. Books begin to appear around 150 A.D. There's an interesting read at the following link:

  • poppers

    The hand gesture looks like a mudra, which are characteristic of certain yogic practices.

  • cameo-d

    Thanks for the lead on that Poppers.

    Here's what I found:

    That particular gesture position means "lower birth"

  • sooner7nc

    In the first pic, Saint Paul appears to be giving the sign of the "Shocker". Apparently the early apostles were nasty devils.

  • glenster
  • cameo-d

    Likewise, in Satellite Dish Hat, the participant is able to connect with otherworld beings through pseudo scientific interaction.

    Kewl! I am going to build one of those right now!

  • rebel8

    Tour some old churches in Europe and you will see everything is symbolic, from the number of windows to the dimensions.

    Same for paintings.

    Churchgoers were mostly illiterate, so symbols and pictures are teaching tools.

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