I can't imagine doing THAT in my wildest dreams.....

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  • mindmelda

    Conventions were exciting for us a kids for the first day (some place new, yay, and motels with a pool!), then an excercise in excrutiating boredom.

    Also as adults. Conventions were the first thing I gave up as a JW.

  • happpyexjw

    Memories! We attended a convetion at Fenway Park many years ago. I think it was 7 days. Our room was at a dorm at Brandeis University which was quite a distance away. We went to Boston on the train and had to find a commuter train to take us out to Brandeis. We got off the train and had to walk about a mile to the campus with suitcases in hand on a very hot day. Oh, and the best part: I was 8 months pregnant with a 2 1/2 year old in tow. When we finally got on campus, we asked a security guy who was directing traffic where the room was. He looked at the paperwork and said, "That's on the east quadrangle, on the other side of the campus." I think I must have looked like I would pass out, because he suddenly said, "Wait right here. I'm getting off in a few minutes and I'll give you a ride over there." What a nightmare. How foolish to go there and put ourselves through all that!

  • Scarred for life
    Scarred for life

    I can't imagine doing this myself but my childhood was spent in all the ways described in this thread.

    And I remember the 8 day assemblies in the summer. I only remember 2. One was at Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium. HOT! HOT! HOT!

    I think it was the most uncomfotable week of my life.

    Tuesday and Thursday nights were meeting nights. No questions asked. You do your homework before the meeting or it doesn't get done. Never getting enough sleep.

    I remember the WTBS had a rooming department for the assemblies. I only remember my family using it once. We went to an assembly in St. Petersburg, FL. I just remember that the place they put us in my father found absolutely unacceptable. I didn't even go into the room. We left and found another place. My father always made his own reservations after that.

    Great thread! Horrible memories!

  • Sargeant Pepper
    Sargeant Pepper

    What were we thinking?

    Oh we wern't allowed to were we

  • Rocky_Girl

    I did what I never in my wildest dreams thought I would do as a JW so many years ago. I went to my child's school and met with his teacher and explained to her that regardless ofwhat my ex husband says about holidays, I don't want my son left out of anything. She was relieved, we had a good talk about the witnesses. Never thought I would be meeting with a teacher without that cheesy blue brochure. Haha.


  • LucyA

    My fav when I was kid they were building us a new hall while the new one was being built we had meetings in an old scout hall middle of winter no heating I was around seven years old and all I can remember is being so cold i felt like crying. The key to being a good Dub child memorise all the often repeated things big A, obedience ec. That way if anyone asks a question you can just give them the anser that you know they want!

  • Dagney

    Wow, this reminds me.

    This weekend a friend (that I know from his friendship with current JW's) from Europe was visiting. I saw two male JW's in Saturday morning FS, without jackets!!!! I told my friend, who I just had told I was no longer a JW the night before, "look! There are two JW's!" He said, "they could be Mormons." I said, "no they have colored shirts and are too old. Mormons only wear white shirt and only young men have the mission, as we see them go D2D here."

    But it dawned on me after reading your post, no jackets. Now it was a nice day, in a beach city, about 75 degrees, so no extreme heat. So I'm wondering if it is a move to be less formal looking at the door.

  • no more kool aid
    no more kool aid

    Scared for life, I wonder if we were at the same 8 day in Atlanta, I am going to say about 1969 or 1970. What a nightmare, people literally passing out in the aisles and when it finally rained everyone just sat her it all despondent. I remember my mom's beehive hairdo all deflated and wet. Just horrible.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Just to clarify: The statement about '6 hours' meant the entire evening. Not just the prep for the meeting. SOrry for hte misunderstanding.


  • Scarred for life
    Scarred for life

    No More Kool Aid:

    Yes, that would have been the same one I believe. I'm thinking 1969. I'm pretty sure. It truly was a nightmare. We had been to assemblies 3 times a year from the time I was born but that one was not like any we had been to before. It was so huge and crowded and unbearably hot. There were not enough bathrooms or enough to eat or drink. I wouldn't be surprised if there were deaths due to the heat.

    And, yes, I was one of the ones passing out in the aisles. So was my sister. We talked about it when we had our big discussion a year ago about our JW upbringing.

    The rain finally cooled us of a little. My mother was horrified that her bouffant hairdo was ruined. My mother was always very vain about her hair.

    When I look back, that assembly seemed to be a turning point for my father. He was never the same about "the truth" after that. I don't know if it was the horrible management of the convention or if it was one of the big talks that was given or maybe one of the book releases. Maybe a combination of all. But he was never a gung-ho JW again after that convention.

    I was the the first member of my family that left. It would have been about 3 1/2 years after this convention. If I really look back in my memory that convention was a turning point for me also.

    I remember there were people there that behaved in ways that I had never seen people behave. There weren't enough women's bathrooms. I remember one woman coming into the bathroom bypassing the line and she PEED IN THE SINK! I thought my prim and proper mother was going to faint. HA! It was a turning point for her too!

    No, I can't imagine doing that AGAIN in my wildest dreams.

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